SABC sends condolences to Malinga family


JOHANNESBUEG, December 27 (ANA) – The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) sent their condolences to the family and friends of the late Afro Pop musician and Producer Robbie Malinga on Wednesday.

“Robbie Malinga will be remembered as one of the greatest musicians and producers. He devoted his life to imparting his knowledge in music to emerging and established musicians alike,” SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago said in a statement.

“His collaboration work with various artists demonstrate how noble and humble he was. Malinga’s paramount concern was to contribute meaningfully to the music industry. Throughout his career he remained an inspiration and a well of great music knowledge for all artists.”

Kganyago said that the public broadcaster celebrated Malinga’s life as one of the finest talent that the country was blessed with.

“His artistic work has immensely contributed in assisting the SABC to achieve its public service mandate which is to educate and entertain the people of South Africa.”

He said that Malinga’s music was played on SABC platforms throughout the years and would continue to do so in order to deepen the understanding of the pivotal role he played in society.

“Malinga was awarded a lifetime achievement award during the  13th  edition of the Metro FM Awards (MMA) ceremony in 2014.  During the previous MMAs early this year Musa featuring Robbie Malinga’s song Mthande, from the album Mr. Serious scooped  the best duo award,” said Kgayango.

“Robbie Malinga will be deeply missed, however, the SABC airwaves will carry his great memories.”

Meanwhile, the Black Business Council (BBC) Secretary General George Sebulela said: “His entrepreneurial spirit was an inspiration and the epitome of black excellence. He inspired a lot of young black musicians to dream and start their own record labels. The BBC leadership and the greater body of black business only hope to espouse such attributes in our pursuit to make South Africa an inclusive economic society”.

BBC said that Malinga was not only a great musician, but an entrepreneur who braved the odds as a young black musician early in his career.

“His passion for the industry saw him breathe life into the careers of other musicians whom he developed to great success. He created other legends in the industry. His establishment of his record label, Robbie Malinga Entertainment, was a true testament of his commitment to empower youth and develop new talent,” said Kganki Matabane, the BBC, Chief Executive Officer.

“Robbie had captured and made the local genre very popular in the townships, rural areas and cities across South Africa, including the rest of the African continent.”

African News Agency (ANA)