Republican Supreme Court nominee, Kavanaugh will eventually get it but his accuser Ford is a credible witness!


As the saying goes a week is a long time in politics, we have lived through that with the Republican-sponsored nomination for the US supreme court, Brett Kavanaugh’s. From the boasting of a Majority leader Mitch McConnell who told a press briefing Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed at the earliest occasion pointing at this eventful week. We also heard president Donald J Trump batting for his candidate as late as Thursday making the accusations off as drummed up even extending the accusations of new women as measurable in their legal advisors whom he considers low class. How did the USA get to this? We guess Trump would know what a low-class attorney looks like with his past and present personal attorneys and their questionable characters.

Dr Cristine Balsey Ford. Picture: Supplied


Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for USA Supreme Court high office has taken many twists and turns from what appeared to have been a straightforward appointment for the Republican majority, by Friday close of business, we now have a nomination sent to the full house sitting for debate. Yet that nomination given the tightness of sheer numbers of a 51 majority, is tied to Republican senator Flake condition that the FBI is afforded a week to conduct a further background investigation on Judge Kavanaugh, though restricted to Dr. Ford’s testimony.  Flake was accosted by angry women who demanded that he does something.

A combination of an interesting set of aspects intersects with the occasion of nominating a judge as a periodic occurrence, and usually, the majority party and the sitting president is gifted with the opportunity to make such nomination and exact such appointment. The Republicans and its President Trump are in this season afforded that privilege, to make what is considered a lifetime appointment for the successful nominee to the Supreme Court of the USA. Kavanaugh is known as a conservative judge, who has flirted with views that supports the idea that a sitting USA president cannot be indicted and should not be indicted extending more power to a character like Trump.

The appointment of Kavanaugh also cuts at a personal level for among others McConnell because this may be the last major and significant appointment he may ever make before he retires, hence this colossal need to push Kavanaugh appointed. On the other hand, Trump in his ghost fight with his predecessor Barack Obama is at pains to be the one to make Kavanaugh as the next judge to the Supreme Court for his own personal and interest reasons

Until three weeks ago it all appeared a done deal, then a Professor Christine Blasey Ford from an apparent 35 years high school incident weighed in to make known that the USA is about to entrust someone who sexually molested her in a room while he was completely drunk. Careful assessment as led by her testimony before the Senate confirmed she made these claims long before Kavanaugh was nominated hence she could not have had a political motive. Initially, Ford’s claims were brushed off by the Republicans as a Democratic stunt to engage in a form of filler busting and delaying of the inevitable, a confirmation of Kavanaugh. At first, the Republicans wanted her to testify but before Wednesday, her legal team requested the Thursday date and after some politicking was granted that.

Christine Blasey Ford requested to appear before the Senate to relay this incident in question and to answer questions as to her claims. She also confirmed that she had already been subjected to a lie detector test. Ford finally got a chance to answer questions before the Senate. The Republicans knowing this was not a criminal court decided to contract a prosecutor to probe and question Dr. Ford. In a very calm well-composed demeanour let the world into her agony of an experience when she was violated by whom she has identified as America’s next supreme court judge Brett Kavanaugh. She without reservation and in a straight face, calm though at times very emotional shared with vivid memory her encounter in a room, whereas she claims Kavanaugh in drunken stopper forced himself on her and started grinding on her while she resisted. She clinically relayed he at one point she felt Kavanaugh may accidentally kill her in trying to get her silent from screaming. For help. She gave her account of a dreadful day she was with friends and up in a room, two young men had intended to have their way with her. One of those was Kavanaugh who thrust himself upon her and forcefully attempted to strip her of her clothes. She painstakingly shared how her one-piece swimming suit worn for an earlier swimming practice became her defence between a man violently intoxicated and driven by hormone overload, clearly suspended of logic and reason less of rights of others sought to have his way. Ford relayed how since her making public this incident which her husband and her therapist have known of for years have impacted her life then and now with a media that refuses to relent and her even receiving death threats. What was clear for all to see is that the one testifying before Senate’s judiciary committee was a credible witness and worthy of being trusted. He account was authentic.

Then came Brett Kavanaugh’s equal chance to present his account. Kavanaugh came out guns blazing he confirmed a completely different presentation than that of Dr, Ford. Kavanaugh argues that while he something may have happened to Ford, he knows nothing about that since he never sexually assaulted any women in his whole life. Kavanaugh writhing in with anger, his face contorted in expressions of rage, Kavanaugh denied that he ever was responsible for what occurred to Ford. He cited a litany of women friends who can bare out his respect for women, his personal involvement in the advancement of women in the legal fraternity. He denied that what he stood accused of ever happened where he was present. In jolts of a raised voice, convulsed facial expressions Kavanaugh showed us a side that simply did not augur well for being appointed to this high office. Yet what Kavanaugh in anger and rage showed revealed more of his character and may have left many who watched his presentation with a question. Kavanaugh seems to have lost it and did not come across the legal moderate and astute mind, that is defined by sensibility and self-containment and a convincing witness, but someone plausibly violent in rage.


Having had the opportunity to listen to both President Trump a day later appears less forceful and seemed to have undergone a metamorphism of a changed mind, he now sounds less intolerant to Dr. Ford, in fact, Trump on Friday claims Dr. Ford’s testimony was very credible. Trump has ordered the bureau to conduct a new background investigation. The FBI investigation check on Kavanaugh is underway and will report in a seven-day period. We have also learned from the Washington Post as first reported on this development that the FBI is now talking to a second accuser.  Deborah Ramirez the second woman who accused of Kavanaugh of having exposed himself at a College party in the 1980’s time of his years at Yale. Ramirez has agreed to cooperate fully with the FBI investigation

President Trump’s stance now is the second scrutiny on Justice Brett Kavanaugh may be a blessing in disguise. On his way to a political rally in West Virginia Trump again confirmed his confidence in Kavanaugh. “I would expect it’s going to turn out very well for the judge” since according to Trump there has never been anybody that’s been so looked at like Judge Kavanaugh.”

So powerful was Christine Ford Blasey’s testimony that it has served as a source of inspiration to others to come forward. Women from all walks of life have opened up about the pain they have been living with for decades, Ford’s testimony, therefore, is borne out as her civic duty as she from the start told us. She was clear his has nothing to do with red and blue politics and should not be misread in that fashion.

For many, the saga around Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment is sheer posturing with tax payer’s money being wasted. People have accused both Republican and Democrat politicians for playing games in a never-ending drama of we will show you. The question many raises is does the public truly care or show any interest in this appointment?  The answer on the streets I have visited attest a resounding non-interest. They see it red and blue politics in which the will of the people is the least of the concern of lawmakers but posturing.


In the end, Kavanaugh’s appointment may very well go through since the FBI background check does not extend to any criminal case, but a character scrutiny check. However, Kavanaugh has not covered himself in glory with his appearance. He failed to convince the local and international public who watched him seething with aggression as he painted a picture of victimhood draped in arrogance that he is the best nomination. He equally failed to convince us that his temperament is that which any judge should hold. Whatever decision the USA lawmakers in full house ultimately conclude, what is very clear today is that Kavanaugh’s appearance will for a long time cast an unwelcoming shadow over his term as one not believed or trusted in that Supreme Court setting. The primary and irrefutable reason for that remains a very credible and authentic account delivered by his accuser, Ford, before the Judiciary Committee stands and very little can alter that.

We may expect some more revelations from Ramirez, this week, yet Kavanaugh cannot escape the admissibility and credibility of Ford. We will await the outcomes of the FBI further investigation which is now extended beyond Dr. Ford’s testimony, to see which way America will decide on its next judge for the Supreme Court. Will we see an extension beyond the marked 7-day period that Flake asked for, what is next in this for some posturing while for others moment of emancipation? It is long no more about Red and Blue politics it’s about a candidate fit or not.

Clyde Ramalaine
Political Commentator and Writer
Chairperson of TMoSA Foundation – The Thinking Masses of SA
PICTURE: Supplied