President Ramaphosa to announce changes to his Cabinet


JOHANNESBURG, February 26 (ANA) – South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa will announce changes to the National Executive on Monday night at 8.30pm, the Presidency said.

The Presidency said Ramaphosa would make the announcement in a statement to the media at the Union Buildings, in Pretoria.

On February 15, Ramaphosa was elected and sworn in as South Africa’s new president by the National Assembly, a day after the deeply unpopular Jacob Zuma was forced to resign by the ruling party.

Ramaphosa, 65, was the sole candidate put forward by the National Assembly and takes up the top post almost two decades after he was favoured by Nelson Mandela as his successor, only to be pushed aside by the party in favour of Thabo Mbeki.

In a short acceptance speech in Parliament, Ramaphosa said he faced a humbling task and would try his best to serve all South Africans.

He promised to tackle corruption and a massive rent-seeking scandal that has lost state-owned companies billions. The issue was “on our radar screens”, he said.

On Tuesday, Ramaphosa responded to calls from opposition benches that he fire members of the Cabinet he inherited from Zuma. A number of cabinet ministers have been implicated in the looting of state resources by families close to Zuma.

At the time, the President said if there is a cabinet reshuffle, it won’t be done at the behest of the opposition.

– African News Agency (ANA)