Parliament slams attack on a police station


Zodidi Mhlana

JOHANNESBURG- Parliament police committee chairperson Francois Beukman has condemned an attack on the Eersterust police station in Pretoria.

Beukman called on police to apprehend those behind the attack saying that the attack on law enforcement locations should not be tolerated.

Police have arrested 12 suspects in relation to the attack of the station which occurred on Thursday night. The attack happened after community members had embarked on a service delivery demanding houses and interruption of water and electricity. The suspects also attempted to petrol bomb the station.

It is alleged that these community members ambushed a police officer and then stole his pistol. Criminals also took a plasma TV, a cell phone and a computer.

“It is again that local community that will suffer if the police infrastructure is destroyed since resources cannot be reallocated from other priority areas. There’s a duty on communities and community leaders to speak out against the attacks on law enforcement officers and police station,” he said.

Angry community members have accused the police of opening fire on them even though they were not provoked.

Early this year, eNgcobo police station was also attacked allegedly by church members and five police officers were killed during the attack.


Gauteng police Commissioner Lieutenant General Deliwe de Lange on Friday said that some of the suspects who have been arrested were allegedly responsible for the looting of local spaza shops within the area.

“Police will work around the clock to ensure that all missing items are recovered, particularly the service firearm. Next is for our investigators to work towards ensuring prosecutable cases with convictions that would ultimately serve as deterrents to anyone else who has plans to undermine the authority of the State,” De Lange said.

Provincial police spokesperson, Mathapelo Peters said that more arrests were possible.

“A computer set and plasma television have been recovered. The operation will continue pending the recovery of the rest of the property stolen from the Eesterust Client Service Centre, and possibly more arrests,” she said.

Responding to the demands of community members, the Tshwane municipality would require R90 billion to tackle infrastructure problems. Protesting members said that their community had been neglected for decades now and alleged that services were not being delivered.