Parents accused of abusing and murdering their three year-old in court

Zodidi Mhlana
JOHANNESBURG- The trial of parents who are accused of abusing, neglecting and killing their three-year-old son is set to resume in the South Gauteng high court on Monday.
Daniel, died two years ago after sustaining a broken elbow, femur and 60% burn wounds. Daniel also died of blunt force trauma to his head.
His mother and her boyfriend’s last court appearance was in March this year and they both pleaded not guilty.
Men and Women Against Child Abuse said that “at least three children are killed every day in South Africa. The number reflects reported cases where inquests into the death of a child are opened.”
Despite the fact that Daniel’s mother had pleaded not guilty to all the charges, during previous testimonies, she claimed that her ex-boyfriend was responsible for the injuries that the child suffered.
The mother whose identity cannot be revealed, also claimed she did not know that her baby was being abused. Daniel suffered most of the abuse from the beginning of 2016 until his death in June.
An expert who conducted an autopsy on Daniel testified in court saying “a child who comes into contact with hot water will pull his legs. The water will then at most cause mild burns on his feet. Daniel’s injuries indicated that his feet were held in the boiling fluid.”
When the police arrived at Daniel’s home, his father informed them that the little boy had died after falling into some hot water.
Evidence heard in court so far also revealed that Daniel was taken to different hospitals including Bara, Charlotte Maxeke, Helen Joseph and Raima Moosa with serious injuries between February and June 2016.
Men and Women Against Child Abuse organization said that they will be following the trial as it believes these parents should be given maximum sentences.