Opposition parties move to give DA the boot


Ayanda Mdluli

JOHANNESBURG- On Wednesday this week, a series of motions were submitted to remove the entire mayoral committee of Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB), bringing the Democratic Alliance-led coalition in the city to its knees.

The DA-led coalition was established in 2016 after it ousted the ANC government in the region.

In a General Council Meeting scheduled to take place on 29 March at 10 am, the ANC government could reclaim the much-coveted metro through a coalition with opposition parties after the DA and EFF led coalition failed to reach a compromise on the latter’s position on Land Expropriation without compensation.

A source who is close to the developments between the opposition parties said the “game plan” was to destroy the current coalition government and elect a new government at the scheduled General Council Meeting on 29 March at 10 am.

The Speaker was petitioned by majority Councillors, 61 out of a total of 120, to convene the meeting.

Candidates who are likely to face the axe are executive mayor of NMB Athol Trollip, council speaker Jonathan Lawack, and chief whip Werner Senekal.

Originally, the EFF had cited their preferred date to be 6 April 2018 for Trollip to be removed, however, because the DA will have their Federal Conference on the same date, the Black Caucus in NMB opted for the current set date for the scheduled General Council Meeting as the most appropriate alternative date.

Two weeks ago, the EFF announced it would table a motion of no confidence in incumbent Democratic Alliance (DA) Mayor Athol Trollip at the Nelson Mandela Bay council next month.

The EFF had until recently voted with the DA against the ANC at coalition municipalities and helped the DA to take power at three key metros after the 2016 local government elections.

The ANC welcomed EFF’s dramatic move and said it was ready for talks with the party.

Below is how the motion played out by opposition parties:


  1. Removal of current Speaker and appointment of new.

The Mover is Cllr Buyeye from AIC and Seconded by Cllr Vena from EFF.

  1. Removal of Executive Mayor and appointment of new.

The Mover Cllr Vena and Seconded by Cllr Yako, both from EFF.

  1. Removal of Chief Whip and appointment of new.

The Mover is Cllr Bobani (former Executive DM) from UDM and Seconded by Cllr Ndoni from ANC.

  1. Motion of Recession of Council decision that dissolved the office of Executive deputy mayor.

The Mover is Cllr Mtsila from United Front and Seconded by Cllr Gidane from ANC.

  1. Motion for Appointment of EDM.

The Mover is Cllr Gidane from ANC and Cllr Mtsila from UF.

  1. Motion for Removal of current Portfolio Heads of Council Committees and appointment of new.

The Mover is Cllr Marlon Daniels from Patriotic Alliance and Seconded by Cllr Buyeye from AIC.