Nzimande hospitalised after vomiting at ANC conference


Karabo Ngoepe

JOHANNESBURG- South African Communist Party leader Blade Nzimande has been hospitalised after he fell ill while attending the ANC’s 54th elective conference at Nasrec.

At least two source have confirmed that Nzimande was treated at Nasrec after vomiting and complaining about his stomach and was subsequently taken to hospital for further medical attention.

“He started vomiting while attending the conference on Monday and was taken to hospital,” said one source speaking on condition of anonymity.

Another source added that it was definitely a reaction to something he consumed but could not say if Nzimande was deliberately given poison.

“He consumed something that could have been poisoned. I can’t say where but he has been at the conference since it started. He vomited as a result of that and he was treated by doctors at the medical centre. He had to go to the hospital afterwards to be monitored,” said the source.

The source added that it could have been something that did not agree with his system or the freshness of what he consumed.

“Food poisoning doesn’t mean it could have been deliberate. It might mean something could have gone wrong in the preparation or storage of it. Also compatibility with one’s body needs to be taken into account,” the source added.

It is understood Nzimande is still receiving medical attention and could be discharged on Wednesday.

SACP spokesperson Alex Mashilo couldn’t confirm or deny the information when contacted for comment.

The incident followed his speech where he called for introspection within the tripartite alliance and also condemnation of US President Donald Trump.

He said the alliance had to tackle the challenges plaguing it.

“We must not deny the challenges that are facing us as a country and as a movement. We want to say as the SACP it is not automatic that after 20 years liberation movements falter. We must look at ourselves and say, ‘Are we not making mistakes that will be used by our enemies to effect regime change agenda?’. That is very important that we do that. That is why in our own language we talk about the need for criticism and self-criticism. Self-criticism means reflecting at yourself. We can’t be going to our people only when it’s election time. That is part of reconfiguring our alliance and to implement programmes we have,” Nzimande said.

He condemned Trump for declaring Jerusalem the capital city of Israel. He said the move was a declaration of conflict.

“We Condemn Trump for unilaterally declaring Jerusalem as the capital city of apartheid Israel,” he said.