MKMVA denounces ‘propagandistic attacks’ on Ace Magashule


Sello Theletsane

JOHANNESBURG- The Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) on Monday denounced and expressed its anger on what they labelled as “baseless propagandistic attacks” that are being launched against the Secretary-General of the ANC, comrade Ace Magashule.

This comes following Pieter Louis Myburgh published a book in which he alleges that Magashule made sure that businesspeople who got contracts from provincial departments and municipalities paid their dues to him as soon as they received money from the public purse.

MKMVA tackled allegations against Magashule saying that it is no coincidence that this propaganda campaign is now intensifying barely two months before election day on the 8th of May 2019.

“MKMVA agrees with the media statement of our Mother body, the ANC, that this is a well-calculated attack not only on the person of our Secretary-General but in fact on the Office of the Secretary-General (SGO), which is the administrative engine room of the ANC, and critical for our election campaign efforts. The ultimate intention is to undermine the ANC’s election campaign, and thus, the Secretary-General, as the CEO of the ANC, is the main target”, said MKMVA in a statement.

“In addition to the intention to damage the ANC’s election campaign, MKMVA is of the belief
that comrade Ace Magashule is also being singled out for attack because of his strong and
uncompromising support for Radical Economic Transformation (RET) in general, and
specifically for the speedy and full implementation of the pro-RET Resolutions of the 54th
National Conference of the ANC, with regards to the expropriation of land without
compensation and the nationalization of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB).

MKMVA said that it applauds Magashule for his consistent and fearless championing of Radical Economic Transformation, and his commitment that the black poor (especially Africans) must be empowered through a fundamental and radical restructuring of the South Africa economy – especially the radical transformation of our banking and financial institutions that will bring an end to the power of White Monopoly Capital (WMC) to trample on and exploit the majority black of South Africans.

The movement furthermore said that evidently, this courageous and principled revolutionary stance of Magashule has turned him into the number one target and enemy of White Monopoly Capital, and the mainstream media that they own and use as their propagandistic battering rams against true revolutionaries.

“While we welcome the strong media statement that the ANC issued yesterday condemning the latest, and intensified, attacks on comrade Magashule, we also need to point out that this kind of response and support should already have come much earlier. We are of the opinion that this denouncement of the interference of WMC and their propaganda mouthpieces in the internal affairs of the ANC and whom we democratically elect as our leaders, should have been stronger and more unambiguous at an earlier stage.

“If this was done earlier, WMC and their lackeys would not have felt that they have the space and ‘right’ to reach the current levels of arrogance and audacity! MKMVA agrees with the ANC when it stated in their statement yesterday, that “our good nature is taken advantage of”. Together with our Mother body, we say that we are growing weary. Really
this has gone too far: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”.

The movement added that it will not in any way whatsoever tolerate any interference by White Monopoly Capital in the internal democratic processes of the African National Congress. And that, arrogant and prescriptive calls by WMC, their mainstream media or any other reactionary, that the Secretary-General of the ANC should be suspended, or even removed, will not be tolerated.

“MKMVA represents all MK ex-combatants who have been in the frontline of the struggle against apartheid. Our members have placed their very bodies and lives on the line in the struggle for the full liberation of all South Africans, we will not now sit back and watch our revolution being attacked and compromised by anyone who thinks they can prescribe to the ANC who must be our leaders.

“Anyone who thinks they can try to do so will have to contend with us and will have to face the full force of our resistance to such antirevolutionary arrogance. Obviously, we will resist any such interference within the parameters of the Constitution, and at all times we will act within the boundaries of the law.

“However, the fact that we are law-abiding citizens must not mislead anyone about our
resolve to resist with all the power at our disposal any attempted interference in the
internal democratic processes of the ANC and to defend our Secretary General, comrade
Ace Magashule, to the fullest.

MKMVA  said that in the coming days they will deliberate about all the legal avenues that are available to them, both inside the ANC and in general within the whole of South African society, to protect and defend the Secretary-General of the ANC.

“We will carry out the unequivocal message: HANDS OFF OUR SG! This we will do in defence of the ANC’s inalienable democratic right to determine who we elect as our leaders, without any interference from reactionary forces who have never had the interests of the majority of black South Africans at heart.

In conclusion, MKMVA said: “This stance of MKMVA is in line with our revolutionary duty, and always an outspoken commitment, to defend the ANC and our leaders.

“MKMVA is an integral and inalienable part of the ANC’s election campaign. As such our members are integrated within every regional, provincial and national election campaign structure of the ANC, and we will work tirelessly within those structures for unity, the protection of all our ANC leaders, and a resounding ANC victory at the polls on the 8th of May. We once again call on all registered throughout the length and breadth of our country to bring out their votes for the ANC.”