MKMVA condemns the unjust imposition of a 15 months prison sentence on President Jacob Zuma


By: Sello Theletsane

MKMVA has expressed its outraged by the entirely unjustifiable and injust 15 month prison sentence that had been imposed on President Jacob Zuma by the Constitutional Court.

MKMVA is on record as being fully in support of the very legitimate reasons that President Zuma advanced in his statements and letters regarding these matters, and why he refuses to appear infront of the Commission of Enquiry into State Capture under the chairpersonship of Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, and also did not participate in the two Constitutional Court hearings regarding this matter.

“We fully concur with President that he is unjustly being targetted, and that the law is being abused for factional political reasons. As President Zuma had stated he was one of the most prominent liberation fighters, and ANC political leaders, who gave his all for our current National Constitution to be adopted, and he cannot allow now that the very same Constitution is being abused. For the Constitutional Court to be part of such a disgraceful situation is an utter shame!,” said the MKMVA.

“As MKMVA will oppose the imprisonment of President as a matter of legal, political and revolutionary principle. We will use every legal avenue available to us to oppose Nxamalala’s imprisonment, and to register our outrage. It is our democratic right to utilise our constitutionally protected right to freedom of speech to express our unfiltered pposition and outrage at this abuse legal power, and indeed abuse of political power in general. The leadership of MKMVA call on all our members, all members of the ANC, and every peace loving and democratic South African to do the same.”

“MKMVA will communicate further with regards to the actions that intend to take in order to register our outrage and fundamental opposition to the imprisonment of one of the greatest revolutionaries of our liberation struggle, and the Patron in Chief of MK,” the MKMVA said.