MKMVA concerned about threats made against Calr Niehaus


Staff Reporter

JOHANNESBURG- The National Office Bearers (NOB’s) of MKMVA has on Thursday expressed its concerns with regards to threats that are being made against the MKMVA NEC member, and National Spokesperson, comrade Carl Niehaus.

The movement said that during the past weeks its Spokesperson Carl Niehaus has been on the receiving end of various abusive and threatening messages on social media.

“Many of these messages are racist and use vulgar and abusive language. There seems to be a concerted effort by a small, but very vocal and reactionary racist grouping in our society, to demonize comrade Niehaus and to create an atmosphere in which his, and his family’s, well-being and safety are under threat. It is very disturbing that these abusive messages also do not shy away from attacking his children”, NOB’s of MKMVA said.

“The National Office Bearers of MKMVA is of the opinion that this situation is intolerable
and cannot be allowed to continue. We are deeply concerned that these attacks on comrade Niehaus, for simply doing his work as National Spokesperson of MKMVA and effectively conveying our well-considered policy positions, together with the work that he is doing as a deployee in the Office of the Secretary-General (SGO) of the ANC, must be condemned without reservation, and that the necessary steps must be taken to bring an end to this intimidation and abuse.”

This comes after Niehaus received a very disturbing tweet from a certain Mr. Jacob Neetling, who calls himself “White Lion”, the tweet in Afrikaans read as follows: ”Jou fokkin veraaier.Ek moes jou vrek geskiet het in Angola !!! Jou dag is naby !!!!!!”. (You fucking traitor. I should have shot you dead in Angola !!! Your day is close !!!!!!). The words, “Your day is close”, combined with the sentiments that Neetling expresses that he should have shot comrade Niehaus dead in Angola, cannot be construed as anything else but a very serious threat, the NOB of MKMVA added.

“We are, furthermore, concerned that the mainstream media does not seem to find anything wrong with this abuse, but by reporting uncritically about it they actually deliberately legitimize and amplify it. It is our distinct impression that this is informed by the strong positions that MKMVA, and comrade Niehaus as our Spokesperson, has taken in favor of Radical Economic Transformation (RET), and our principled and determined push for the pro-RET Resolutions of the 54th National Conference of the ANC to be implemented in full.”

The movement further added that they are very concerned that comrade Niehaus’
personal safety and that of his family is now under serious threat. “We also want to
express our utter disappointment and concern about the manner in which some of our own
comrades in the ANC have been attacking comrade Niehaus and the deliberate fake news
and lies that they have told about him to journalists.”

“This death threat to comrade Niehaus follows a few weeks after someone commented on a story that was carried on the IOL Facebook news site, about comrade Niehaus pushing for the implementation of the Resolutions of the 54th National Conference of the ANC, that his eyes should be gouged out, and his throat cut.”

“The National Office Bearers of MKMVA have advised comrade Niehaus to urgently open a
case against Mr. Jacob Neetling for attempted murder, and incitement to cause serious
bodily harm. Comrade Niehaus has accepted our comradely advice and will in the course
of today open such a case, or cases, at the Sandton Police Station.”

In conclusion, the movement added that wants to assure comrade Niehaus of our unwavering support to him and his family during these trying times.