MKMVA calls on government to take every necessary steps to protect former President Zuma and family


Sello Theletsane

JOHANNESBURG- The Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) has expressed it’s concerns with regards to death threats that have been made against President Jacob Zuma and his family.

This comes after President Zuma took to the stand at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture on Monday.

“It is not adequate to have expressions of condemnation of these death threats, strong and concerted action is required. No stone must be left unturned to find those who made these cowardly death threats. Once they are apprehended, they must face the full force of the law,” said the MKMVA.

The movement further added: “We call on the Government to take all and every neccessary step to protect the safety of President Zuma and his family.”

According to the MKMVA, it goes without saying that the evidence that President Zuma led about spies inside the ANC and the plotting that had been going on over literally decades against him, and other progessive pro-Radical Economic Transformation (RET) forces, cannot be swept under the proverbial carpet, and poses a very serious threat to the ANC that must faced head-on.

“It is nothing less than treason that there were/are counter revolutionary sell-outs and spies inside the ANC who are said to have made common cause with local apartheid and international spy agencies.

“MKMVA concurs with the sentiments expressed by our Treasurer General, comrade Des van Rooyen, that there is absolutely no way that the ANC can allow itself to be led by spies, or former spies. In fact we ascribe to the maxim: Once a spy always a spy.”

The MKMVA said that it agrees with the remarks of the Secretary General of the ANC, comrade Ace Magashule, that like all other revolutionary organisations, the ANC had also been infiltrated by counter revolutionaries. “This situation is totally intolerable for us as ex-MK combatants
who have dedicated our lives to the liberation of black, especially African, South Africans.”

“We will, thus, not accept anything less than a formal and thorough Commission of
Inquiry that will expose each and every spy and counter revolutionary that infiltrated our ranks, and root them out.”

In conclusion, the MKMVA said as far as the movement is concerned, the very essence and integrity of the ANC is at stake.

“As soldiers who have always been in the frontline of defending the revolution and our beloved Liiberation Movement, the ANC, we will similarly now defend the Integrity of the ANC against the cowardly traitors that have infiltrated our ranks. The time for a thorough cleansing, and recapturing of the true revolutionary soul, of the ANC has arrived”, said the MKMVA.