Mashaba saddened by death of two JMPD officers


Karabo Ngoepe

JOHANNESBURG- Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba has expressed sadness following the death of two Metro Police officers.

He said several JMPD officers were deployed to their usual roadside check-duty on Witkoppen Road near Monte Casino on Monday night and had pulled over three vehicles for a routine check when the driver of a double cab vehicle crashed into them.

“Two of our female officers were fatally wounded; two other female officers, two passengers from the stopped vehicles as well as the driver of the double cab were seriously injured and taken to hospital by Emergency Management Services. MMC for Public Safety, Cllr Michael Sun and I are bereaved that the City has lost more JMPD officers in such a manner,” said Mashaba.

The officers had stopped a white Porsche Carrera and a silver Hyundai i20. A white BMW 320I was travelling slowly in the right lane towards the roadblock. A white Toyota Hilux double cab was travelling direction north at a high speed and collide with the left rear side of the BMW and caused it to overturn.

The Toyota Hilux then collided with three female JMPD Officers and T-boned the left side of the Hyundai i20. The Hyundai i20 collided with the left rear side of the Porsche Carrera. All vehicles travelled for approximately 30 meters north where they came to a Standstill on the left verge of the roadway and the BMW on its right side across both lanes.

Two JMPD female officers were fatally injured. It is said the driver of the double cab was excessively intoxicated.

“It is believed that the driver who caused the accident was severely intoxicated at the time of the incident. Over the course of the past weekend alone, JMPD arrested 308 drunk drivers in Johannesburg. The driver of the double cab was arrested on the scene and blood samples were taken. It was later confirmed that the driver was three times over the limit, with more intoxicating substances found in the vehicle. He is currently detained at the Sandton Police Station and we will ensure that he face the full might of the law, including charges of murder,” said Mashaba.

He said such behaviour would not be tolerated.

“We will not tolerate such reckless and criminal behaviour. Driving under the influence not only puts the driver of the vehicle at risk but also places all other road users at risk as well,” he said.