‘Maria Ramos has no interest of the people at heart’ – EFF


Sello Theletsane

JOHANNESBURG- The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Wednesday condemned the appointment of Maria ‘blue-eyed child of South Africa’s greedy, exploitative, racist and historically murderous capital’ Ramos as part of the PIC Board.
This comes after Ramos was appointed into the interim board of the PIC by Finance Minister Tito Mboweni.
“We have long warned people of South Africa that Zuma was just a small irritation and disturbance of the larger interest of White Monopoly Capital. Now that he is gone, White Capital is no longer hiding its direct control of the State,” the EFF said.
The EFF further added: “Ramos is the blue-eyed child of South Africa’s greedy, exploitative, racist and historically murderous capital. She, Trevor Manuel, Cyril Ramaphosa and Tito Mboweni are direct deployees of the White Monopoly Capital; which is the number one enemy of the Emancipation of aspirations of the poor, working class and black people in general.”
The EFF revealed that Maria Ramos was in the recent past a Board Member of Remgro, an investment holdings company chaired by Johan Rupert. According to the EFF, Remgro has shares in a lot of company that has the PIC as shareholders. “Amongst these companies are RHM & FIRSTRAND, the owners of FNB and Wesbank; MEDICLINC, eMedia (which owns eTV and eNCA), DISTELL, RCL Foods and many other companies that the PIC has direct or indirect interests.
“Maria Ramos will unavoidably be conflicted and will certainly not defend the interests of the Government Employees on the PIC Board, as she has direct relationships with the companies she served as a Director in.
“Are there really no capable men and women, black women in particular, who could have been put in place of Maria Ramos?” the EFF expressed their concern.
“It is not speculation that Ramos presided over one of the banking institutions that racially discriminated against poor black people by charging them more interest. It is no secret that as head of ABSA, she connived to fix the Rand in order to pursue greed of capitalist,” the EFF said.
The EFF, in conclusion, said that the facts they have stated above mean that Ramos has no interest of the people at heart. “She is going to the PIC to ensure that it continues to invest in white business which has always served.”