Joburg City Power apologises for delayed outage after accident


JOHANNESBURG, December 4 – Joburg City Power on Tuesday apologised to the residents and businesses in Doornfontein, Troyville, Jeppestown, and Kazerne for a prolonged power outage which is set to last for several days, following infrastructure damage caused by a third party.

City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena said: “It is now feared that the Van Beek oil-filled feeder cable that was damaged on Monday by a third party contractor will only be restored on Saturday.”

“The damage done on the cable by a fibre optic company is approximately 20 meters long and it runs across the street. Where the incident happened is right in the corner which is an awkward space for City Power technicians to work in.”

Mangena said technicians were still on site, remaining resolute that they will drill the road, cut the damaged portion of the cable out, replace it with a new oil-filled cable and lay the sleeve through which the new cable has to be put through. To get a new oil-filled cable working after it has been replaced takes four days on its own.

He said that the reason for this was that oil-filled cables need to be moisture tested, tested for leaks, tested for carbon content and if there are moisture and other unwanted material they have to be removed. The cable also needs to be pressure tested.

“The situation is made worse by the fact that the third party contractor who damaged the cable was using the water when he was drilling the area. The area is wet and our technicians have to make sure that the water does not make its way into the cable as it might cause another damage,” said Mangena.

“City Power technicians have to make joints between the new cable and the old cable. And they have also started with the repairs on the cable last night and so far 32 percent of the damaged cable has been repaired and restored.”

Mangena said the rest of the station where the cable feeds from would remain off while repairs were continuing and affected customers would be updated as and when new information becomes available

– African News Agency (ANA)