Jacob G. Zuma, the currency of a toxic self and white interests!


please arrest the Guptas, just don’t tell us you doing it for us 


Patrice Lumumba told us “political independence has no meaning if it is not accompanied by rapid economic and social development”. These words ring even truer today in South Africa when the face of radical economic transformation last week was forced to resign in a sequel of ANC NEC irrational decisions repeat of 2008.


There are those who want to keep us forever in the illusion of a euphoric political freedom which is distinct and mutually exclusive to economic freedom. We have seen how in this last week we are dragged back to a Mandela euphoric era that delivered political freedom but no economic freedom for the masses.


We know as some of us always publicly shared, Jacob G. Zuma is a currency that has served many particularly those who are totally irrelevant in our society.


·         Zuma is an easy escape to blame for all that went wrong in the ANC, SA and every sphere.


·         Zuma the convenient excuse as the opposite of a claimed organisational renewal claim.


·         Zuma was the obsession of the opposition for more than a decade going on 15 years. Against him, they mobilized the only president to ever made whites march.


·         Zuma became the scripted villain the monster the scarecrow of the so called sensible. When we know he was our first domestic president?


A slew of tired politicians, organised labour leaders, academics, civil society, clergy as individuals, all with the vested interest in keeping South Africa in the whiteness of economic definition, are seeking to eke out careers and extensions of their personal economic lives at the expense of the Zuma name. Some who served with President Zuma and under his leadership be it in ANC top six setting and others in the State, seek to tell us he is the demon, the fulcrum of our ANC and SA problems, and they are angels, therefore, must not be held jointly accountable. They pontificate how bad and selfish he was when they are selfless and good. They assume we the thinking masses of South Africa must trust them.


Some in the ANC are totally irrelevant and have been singing for their breakfast to be in a cabinet when they are not remotely interested in the ANC and the poor masses.


They will never deliver the ANC’s 54th Conference resolutions because it compromises them in their associations with white monopoly capital. You will hear how they soft talk land redress, RET and all radical shifts the Conference agreed upon.


Their only true concern is to shift closer to the trough to eat again, they assume we don’t see them for who and what they are. They will privatize SA’s SOE’s because some will be filthy rich after they privatized these SOE’s.


They long sold us out to the white interest that shared crumbs with them and is trying to be relevant in this season. They are the buffer zone the true enemy from within. Their self-interest is at the centre of their actions not the people nor the NDR.


They are obsessed with flies (Guptas) when the Tigers (Rupert, Oppenheimers, Menells Rothschilds and every white that has made billions who are their friends), who can threaten Minister Fikile Mbalula that they will bring this economy to its knees if their favourite politician Pravin Gordhan is offloaded, are worshipped as heroes by these compromised black elites.


Please arrest the Guptas let us get over this to get to the real State Capturers who has captured this nation and state in all spheres since the first attempt in 1483 when the Portuguese tried to dispossess my forebears from their land and was beaten to a pulp.


Will we ever deal with the real criminals who sponsor black elite foundations from clergy to academics? Will we ever find the ever-green contracts that confirm the capture of state-owned entities not by the flies but by the those who are worshipped? They have us occupied with Guptas because they understood they can keep us busy because we will easily rise against each other when they control the outcomes.


When Norman Afzal Simons in the famous ‘Station Strangler case’ at the dawn of democracy was arrested after 24 boys were found murdered and some raped, National Party Premier Hernus Kriel addressed the Mitchell’s Plain Community to tell them, ‘ons het die station strangler vir julle gevang”. With these words, the National Party sought to play hero for a Coloured community that suffered the misery of these crimes. While Simons has maintained his innocence and I am told is penning his book, there are widespread claims that Simons was made an escape for an intriguing political web that someone will have to account for.


So, in that same sense there are those who want to tell us today they have focussed and ultimately arrested the Guptas for us, therefore making them heroes of our economic emancipation when we know this has nothing to do with our rightly yearned for economic emancipation but the visible deflection of attention to not ask tough questions of those who have captured the state from apartheid days. Let them not tell us today they have arrested the Guptas for us, we are not interested to be fooled with cheap claims of flies, if you want to help do anything for us get the Tigers accept the broadened terms of reference for a Justice Zondo Commission.


So, as you dance in celebration and triumphalism because you got what you always wanted to be it in ANC factionalism or a wider opposition frame, we know the threat to white interest resigned last week.


For you, he may be whatever you want him to be for some of us our first domestic president-forced to resign last week. So, we will write soon as to why he and no one else remains the first domestic president. Please arrest the Guptas, we will never defend crime, just don’t turn a blind eye to the comfort or relations shared between ANC leaders and white monopoly capital. Don’t insult our intelligence to attempt fooling us to assume if you dealt with the flies of Guptas you have dealt with the Tigers.


Corruption anywhere anyhow is and remains a threat to RET everywhere!


Clyde Ramalaine
Political Commentator and Writer
Chairperson of TMoSA Foundation – The Thinking Masses of SA
PICTURE: Supplied