iNjeje says Ayihlale phansi ibambe umthetho, the looting & burnings must now stop and safe passage must be given to Municipal services & paramedics


By: Staff Reporter

INJEJE yabeNGUNI Council has been overwhelmed with a high volume of complaints from members who have elderly, new borns and children who are severely suffering due to shortages of supplies, disruption in electricity and water and the prohibition of medical emergency services from accessing certain areas.

The council said they call on all community leaders and organizers to sound the call Ayihlale phansi ibambe umthetho, the lootings and burnings must now cease and safe passage must be given to municipal workers that are attending to electrical and water disruptions. The council also call for ambulances to be allowed to access areas where there are medical emergencies.

Council spokesperson Indunankulu Phumlani KaDoto Mfeka said: “The council fully supports the Free Zuma Campaign and thus Cyril Ramaphosa and Raymond Zondo remain persona non-grata as the declaration stands. The destruction that has engulfed our country must be placed squarely on these two individuals who have pushed our country to the brink of collapse because of their arrogance and dirty political shenanigans. There has been repeated warnings from various stakeholders of the impending catastrophe that will be ignited by the incarceration of former President Zuma under such sinister circumstances however these arrogant corrupt contitutional court judges forged on nevertheless.”

Mfeka added: “They went as far as admitting that former President Zuma’s opinion of the judiciary was a motivating factor in their majority judgment yet the Constitution grants us all the right to have an opinion of the judiciary even if the judiciary itself may not agree with that opinion. The Constitutional Court has in essence declared it illegal for citizens to have a negative opinion of it yet Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng is on record stating of overtures made to get him to accept a bribe, and we are expected to presume that his colleagues have never accepted such advances? The constitutional court is not the constitution”.

“The current predicament has brought to the fore the reality of the fact that political parties are no longer leaders of society. They are but no different to parasites who use people’s votes to enrich themselves and make inconsequential noises in the national assembly for years with no tangible and meaningful change made in the lives of the people who voted for them.”

“We have also taken serious note of the racial tensions that may turn this into a racial war that have been happening in Phoenix, Chatsworth and in the area of Pietermaritzburg wherein members of primarily the indian community have been summarily executing unarmed Africans and recording videos of these heinous crimes. This is an extremely dangerous situation as Phoenix is an area that is surrounded by KwaMashu, Inanda, Ntuzuma, Maoti, Zwelisha and Cornubia to which these killings have a potential of all these settlements organizing themselves to descend simultaneously on Phoenix which will see innocent indian children and women injured or perhaps killed in the mayhem that would ensue. The current situation in the country is not a racial issue but an issue of poverty, inequality and unemployment which was exacerbated by the senseless Lockdowns that have been imposed on the populace. INJEJE will be interacting with various community leaders and organisers in the interest of finding a swift resolution to this volatile situation.”

Mfeka said: “We have also noted with concern the reckless statements made by some leaders in national government where they state that the SAPS and SANDF will launch a door to door campaign invading the homes of our people. This silly campaign will again result in another round of unnecessary confrontations which will result in deaths. Now is not the time for government leaders to be populist, now is a time of leadership humility from all sects of society so as to ensure peace and stability as this campaign will see whole families arrested leaving children unattended and vulnerable, it will make things far worse and it will ignite far more disastrous retaliations.”

“We are cognisant of the high emotions of anger that our people are currently feeling and under the circumstances it is difficult for them to find the restraint needed however we say Ayihlale phansi ibambe umthetho, no revolution can be successful when it destroys the very people it is meant to liberate.”

“Ayihlale phansi ibambe umthetho….