iNjeje declares Ramaphosa and Zondo persona non-grata in eight provinces


By: Staff Reporter

INJEJE yabeNGUNI Council has with “immediate effect” declared President Cyril Ramaphosa and Judge Raymond Zondo persona non grata in all eight provinces of South Africa except the Western Cape until the release of former President Jacob Zuma.

Council spokesperson Indunankulu Phumlani KaDoto Mfeka said: “It has become abundantly clear that the current President is aloof and divorced from the realities on the ground in a country in which he claims to lead. His nonsensical statements that the current revolutionary activities gripping the country are ethnic criminality and mobilization is a shallow, desperate and pathetic attempt to divide the people of the country on ethnic cleavages, which for us was the final straw that precipitated this declaration.”

Mfeka added: “With the announcement that the SANDF will once again be deployed domestically just as was done by the Apartheid state that brutalized our mothers and fathers whenever they voiced their dissatisfaction, we would like to issue this free warning to Cyril Ramaphosa, that any violent attacks from the SANDF meted out to our people will be met with the most unprecedented reciprocation that will commensurate the provocation in perfection. There will be rivers of blood, of which family members of SANDF members that reside among our people will by no means be spared.”

“Local Magistrates courts, Magistrates and their families will by no means be spared.”

“We know through Marikana how heartless Cyril Ramaphosa can be, we know how he looks upon the lives of our people with great disdain and pompousity. It is on this that we must state categorically that any incident that involves members of the SANDF meting out any form of violence towards the populace will prompt our council to declare a war against the state which will not rest until Cyril Ramaphosa vacates his position as President of the Republic whilst his businesses and that of his associates burn.”

“Again, you have been warned. We would like to applaud the policing of the SAPS during these past few weeks. The SAPS has shown the world police how it is done. Their level of restraint and refusal to be used as a fodder cannon against the very communities they reside with is highly commendeable under the political pressures they face from men in suits that have never once fired a shot at anyone in their entire existence.”

“We also call on our people not to be unnecessarily provocative towards SAPS members who attend to revolutionary activities that are taking place across the country, if they SAPS members are not aggressive, there is no need for us to be aggressive. Let us continue our activities until the government listens to the voices of the soil.”

Mfeka said: “We are all ears to hear when the Concourt predictably dismisses former President Zuma’s rescission application, which will activate the second phase of revolutionary activities across the country that will be far more catastrophic to the judicial system itself.”

“As we see it, the Emperor is most assuredly without clothes,” Mfeka concluded.