I was in business long before I met my politician husband


By: Sello Theletsane

Being in a relationship with a politician is a hazardous sport filled with name-calling and character assassinations.
One’s pedigree, qualifications and expertise get thrown out the window and attention is given to their proximity to power and perceived resources.

This is what the life of Nthabeleng Khawe has been reduced to since being romantically involved with the ANC’s Gauteng Provincial Secretary Jacob Khawe.

Nthabeleng, who got married to Khawe in December of 2020, is a seasoned professional with over 20-years of experience, an accountant with CIA and CTA who is currently studying for her Masters Degree at the University of Free State.

She has built a successful company with a 10-year track record, but all of that has seemingly been tossed aside. She now finds herself at the centre of attacks, something she views as a political game aimed at her husband.

“It appears as though I have entered a political battle that I have no idea of. I’m being targeted simply for being in a relationship with the PS,” she said.

Nthabeleng describes what is currently happening as a form of patriarchy, adding that the past 20 years’ achievements have been neglected.

“It diminishes the efforts I have made to build my company over the years. Its as though people think I only started doing business now, and my relationship with Jacob is somehow helping me to get business. I was in business long before I even met him,” she said.

Over two decades, her experience spans from the Financial Sector to Services, Manufacturing, Construction, Engineering, Government Institutions and Parastatals. Her areas of expertise include IT post implementation reviews, application control reviews, operational audits, compliance audits, finance audits, value for money audits, audit turnaround, AFS compilations, Risk Management, Insurance, Governance and special investigations.

She has also served on various boards such as the Free State Black Business Council, the Financial Fiscal Commission, the Free State Gambling and Racing Board and the Free State Development Corporation.

She has chaired many Audit Committees and has held several executive positions in various portfolios like the Association for the Advancement of Black Chartered Accountants in South Africa and the Black Management Forum.

Nthabeleng says all the positions she has occupied in life have been to better the lives of black women and to push them to the front.

“I undertook the positions with the belief that I can benefit most from an integrative approach. I’m passionate about black empowerment; thus, after recognizing that successful black empowerment relies on the development of previously disadvantaged graduates, I started an audit and consulting company called Fezi Auditors and Consultants. With that, I have been working to advance the black child,” she said.

Despite her resolute nature and desire to see more black people succeeding in the financial sector, she now has to fight off attacks while trying to grow her company to greater heights. She said the mudslinging associated with politics would not deter her, and she will continue her pursuit of empowering the black child.