Happy 78th birthday to uTata Cde Thabo Mbeki (TM), a model African!


By: Kgoši Maepa

Today is another special day!

Let me send warm words to one of the finest African of our generation on his 78th birthday (June 18, 1942). I am talking about the President of the African National Congress (1997-2007) and the Republic of South Africa (1999-2008), uTata Thabo Mbeki.

I must immediately indicate upfront that uTata Cde Thabo Mbeki is one among a few world renowned political activists and leaders that I hold in very high regard, a Statesman of a special type. He is an example of African Intelligentsia and modern success, he is also an embodiment and epitome of Thought Leadership.

TM is to me and many other Africans I suspect, a hero of our librration struggle for freedom and independence, one of the best among us and a true son of Africa who was born out of the teachings of OR Tambo and the ANC. He is by all accounts a model African, a social democrat and a genuine protégé of the ANC forebears, cultures and traditions.

In my world TMs’ name will always feature among the galaxy of foremost eminent and world renowned politicians and scholars of the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries.

TM is an enormous colossal and his high quality political work and record of struggle will indeed be surpassed by a few and for generations to come. TM is without a doubt an African giant and sageman.

I would like to take a special and rare privilege and wish uTata Cde Thabo Mbeki well on his special day. Happy birthday President – I wish you a long life, uZizi omkhulu, Jama ka Sjadu, Fakade!



Dr Kgosi Maepa is Tshwane ANC regional chairperson