Go to hell – PA President Gayton McKenzie tells DA


By: Gayton McKenzie

The Democratic Alliance had their opportunity to run the City of Johannesburg for three years, but today want to pretend that any and all corruption problems at the Joburg Property Company (JPC) must now be laid at the feet of the PA.

You were there, but you could fix nothing. Today, you complain about the
“corruption” you appear so confident was committed by the JPC CEO but your mayor reappointed her last year despite the supposed “concerns” the DA today wants to pretend it has always had about JPC and how it manages properties in the City of Johannesburg.

You are fooling no one, except perhaps yourselves. The DA is the last party that should lecture anyone about deploying its members into positions, given its own history of appointment scandals in the City of Tshwane, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The DA has ranted on like a stuck record about Leanne Williams not being suitably qualified to be employed as the CEO of the Joburg Market. But if Williams, a woman with three degrees and an unblemished track record, cannot be given a job, then what chance does any coloured woman in this country have?

Considering the DA is supported by so many coloured South Africans, it is shocking to see their true colours shine through as they actively try and tear down a successful, accomplished coloured woman.

Your own DA councillor, Dave Dewes, has repeatedly praised the changes and improvements that the new CEO has implemented at the Market since she took the reins at the entity in June following the departure, under a cloud, of the previous CEO.

Dewes has called Williams “a breath of fresh air” more than once, but today we need to once again read about her not being experienced or qualified. We need to read that the DA doesn’t approve of her.
Perhaps the real problem the DA has with Williams is simply that she is a coloured woman and the DA simply can’t believe that a coloured person can be both educated or competent.

We were shocked when coming into government in the GLU to note that there was only one coloured person in an executive position in this Johannesburg administration, despite the DA’s years of governance.

It is obvious that the DA had been even more shameless about betraying coloured voters in Johannesburg than in Cape Town. Year after year, they happily canvass for votes in coloured communities and then give them nothing in return. No jobs. No service delivery. No damn.

You were there with Mashaba, and you couldn’t appoint a single coloured. Not one. You were there. And you couldn’t get rid of corrupt people.

Today, the CEO and CFO of JPC are suspended. They are on the outside. But here, late in the day, you want to act like you’re even concerned about why. You are even daring to complain that they are suspended, when previously you were complaining that they were not suspended.
DA, it seems you must go rest.

You must be feeling tired. So go rest.

But before you do, first go to hell.

The DA is quick to come to the PA to talk about kicking the ANC out, but then it speaks with a forked tongue and treats us in public like its enemy.

Let’s be clear that it is not the ANC running the Department of Economic
Development in the City of Johannesburg. It is the Government of Local Unity running this city, and the PA stands responsible for and proud of the good work it is doing. It is proud of the progress and shift towards good governance that is taking place in that department.

You dare to criticise us for promising people jobs, but where is the legacy of the DA?

Must coloured people forever be denied opportunities? The PA is clear: we stand for employment equity and the recognition of excellence in all communities, including coloured areas. Leanne Williams is the proud product of Eldorado Park, which has faithfully voted DA for years, but we must now be told, by the likes of you, that she can never be good enough.

We stand for all people. Black, white, Indian and coloured, in this country. Not for whatever confused version of a “South Africa for all” that the DA has struggled to define since inception, and which it still cannot define – because it really doesn’t know what to do with itself except to come up with more half-baked responses to half-baked news articles.

At the Joburg Market, the head of HR has been suspended for complaining that the PA is turning the Market “into the Cape Flats”. She was suspended because she thought it’s okay to be prejudiced towards coloured people. It’s not okay.

It seems you, too, are equally worried about a few coloured people being employed.
You should be far more worried about the next crisis your tweeting boss is going to dump you into.

In any case, we know that what is really worrying you is the upcoming by-election in Riverlea. Because you fear the PA is going to beat you there. For good reason.
Whatever deals we have been working towards, especially around making Nqaba Bhanga the mayor in Nelson Mandela Bay, are now off. We cannot work with you again.

So go to hell.