Court hears shocking details of assaults at Parktown Boys High School


JOHANNESBURG, September 4 – The High Court sitting at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court heard details on Tuesday of numerous assaults on a Parktown Boys High School learner.

Collan Rex, a former boarding master at the Johannesburg school, faces a range of charges including rape, sexual assault and attempted murder.

A 17-year-old, who began schooling at Parktown Boys in 2015, was called to the stand and told the court shocking details of the assaults.

State prosecutor Arveena Persad told the boy that Rex had admitted to sexually assaulting him so she would not ask him about it.

The boy told the court about incidents when Rex allegedly choked him.

“There were times when I couldn’t breathe.”

The teenager said he would have to push Rex off or after a while, Rex would stop on his own.

“The whole of 2015..there wasn’t one week when nothing happened…at least four times a week.”

He said he estimated that Rex assaulted him over 30 times in 2016.

“2016 was a bit more… I say over 40 times. At the time it seemed like jokes but its affected me a lot.”

He also told the court about an incident that occurred on a bus travelling from Pretoria.

Last week, the court heard how Rex inserted his finger into the anus of a boy on the bus trip.

Defence lawyer William Robertse questioned the boys about the joke awards where Rex got an award for being a wrestler.

Robertse said it was known by the entire school that Rex was a wrestler. He put it to the boy that Rex had no intention of killing him but was merely playing around.

“I can agree that he never tried to kill me but there were times when he went over the boundaries and we would ask him to stop.”

The trial will resume on Wednesday.

– African News Agency (ANA)