Former Eskom CFO accused of delaying tactics


Ayanda Mdluli

Anoj Singh, the former CFO of SA’s power utility Eskom was given a dressing down by members of parliament after he submitted his documentation at the last minute to give evidence at parliament’s inquiry into state capture in Cape Town.

Zukiswa Rantho, the chairperson of the inquiry in parliament accused Singh of using delaying tactics in order to dodge some of the difficult questions that opposition MP’s had lined up for him.

A furious Rantho lashed out at Singh:  “We are going to give you another date to come back and account on monies spent at Eskom. Today we have not prepared because you made us wait for you. We are not going to continue with you today. We need to go through these documents. We need to be factual and we need to have time,” she said.

Opposition MPs and members of the portfolio committee claim that the inquiry into SOEs has revealed massive corruption at the power utility including allegations of attempted bribery by a cabinet minister and some influence from President Jacob Zuma. Some claim that the power utility is currently teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, exacerbated by the R30 million pension pay-out received by Brian Molefe, the utility’s former CEO.

The powder keg on state capture at the power utility appears to have been blown out of the water as two sides battle about who has been captured. Some industry insiders argue that white owned companies still account for 80% of business dealings done with Eskom. Currently, there are companies such as Glencore which have 20 to 40 year contracts with Eskom. To further compound matters, the relatives and wives of politicians such as Gwede manatashe and Zanale Mbeke have raked in millions of rands through tenders.

Glencore and Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Shanduka are also said to be implicated in the Paradise “Tax” Paper Scandal which is deliberately being supressed by mainstream media entities. Some of these revelations have been heavily supressed in parliament in and in the media in order skew the narrative and blame the now infamous Gupta family and Brian Molefe for all the failures and financial woes of Eskom.

Some of these contracts have even contributed towards the dehumanisation of black workers in Glencore owned mines and has resulted in widespread segregation, according to insiders.

As MPs made it known that they do not take too kindly to the late submission of documents. Singh, along with his legal representatives were accused of undermining parliament.

“We are going to go through these documents. You must never do that to us, we are not your friends. You must respect us,” said a visibly disgruntled MP.

Natasha Mazzone, an MP for the DA in parliament at the inquiry went as far as to state that parliament had been held in contempt despite supposedly having acted in good faith since the beginning. “This is unacceptable behaviour and it illustrates exactly why we are sitting in this position. We will not be stopped. It’s a delay tactic and attempt to hamper the process. Chair I support your sentiments entirely that we won’t be able to continue today.”