Dudu Myeni not implicated in VBS bank heist report  – Hawks


Hloni Mashigo

The report popularly known as the VBS bank heist report is now under the investigations wing of the Hawks, but former SAA chair Dudu Myeni is not implicated, this according to hawks spokesperson, Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi’s office.

The report made headlines on Wednesday after a sudden release. The report, which implicates EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu and his brother Brian Shivambu(24). Brian, who received 16 million rands, shed 10 million to his older brother Floyd. According to the report, over a million rand was given to the EFF as an “honour”.

Myeni’s name also sparked controversy after the report alleged that VBS wrote to the Dudu Myeni foundation indicating it’s intent to give a donation of 1 million rands. However, there is no foundation registered to Myeni so the report could be suggesting the Jacob Zuma Foundation, which Myeni is the chair of.

Late yesterday the Jacob Zuma Foundation’s lawyers presented bank statements to the author of the report Advocate Terry Motau giving him 7 days to withdraw Myeni’s name from the report.

Yesterday Myeni told media that she was acting against the report because it incorrectly names her. “I don’t have a foundation, you can investigate that. And I don’t know of any donation from VBS to the Jacob Zuma Foundation. The financial reports of the Jacob Zuma Foundation are of public knowledge, where is the evidence that the Jacob Zuma Foundation got any money? If the writers of the report cannot prove that, we will talk to them in court. There is a propaganda machinery in this nation that drags my name and the name of former president Jacob Zuma into every story just to sell papers. That is the work of Stratcom” Myeni said.

The “bank heist” report has been criticised by some economics questioning the work of the reserve bank if such corruption happens. Further, the Steinhoff report has been kept a secret after 500 billion rands disappeared and the CIEX report implicating ABSA in over 16 billion rands of apartheid corruption is still hidden.

Myeni’s supporters hit the social media scene yesterday saying “It’s not a story unless you mention Zuma and Myeni”.

SACP leader Ray Henning said: “Once again Myeni’s name is used to sell newspapers without a shred of evidence. The Sowetan(newspaper) put her picture on the cover but said nothing about her relating to the VBS saga. Myeni revealed to parliament how white people looted South African Airways but nothing was done. That’s why they’ll say anything to bring her done.”

The EFF has called a media conference for next week Tuesday, Shivambu was still unavailable for comment.