De Lille to extend olive branch, wants to focus on service delivery


Karabo Ngoepe

JOHANNESBURG- Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille wants to extend an olive branch to fellow Democratic Alliance members in council following the motion of no confidence to ensure they move forward.

De Lille, who survived the motion by a whisker said there must be mediation to ensure they are able to move forward. At least 109 councillors voted in favour of the motion while 110 voted against it while three abstained.

“My focus now must be to reach out to the other half of the caucus to suggest a process of mediation going forward so that we can find each other,” said De Lille.

She said the council has a lot of work to do regarding service delivery and tackling poverty in the city.

“We need to focus on the integrated development plan for the city for the next five years. We need to focus on relieving poverty, unemployment and landlessness. We have a lot of work to do and that is what I want to focus on going forward,” she said.

De Lille praised all the councillors who supported her in the motion. This despite the speaker having decided to have an open ballot.

“I’m very grateful for the multiparty councillors that supported me in this motion. Also, I want to thank those brave DA councillors who irrespective of the ruling by the speaker to have an open vote were brave enough to support me. Also, a lot of prayers and well wishes were from religious communities, I thank them for the prayers and support.