DA’s head of policy Gwen Ngwenya resigns


JOHANNESBURG, January 24 – The head of policy for the Democratic Alliance (DA) Gwen Ngwenya has resigned, the party said on Thursday.

DA national spokesperson Solly Malatsi confirmed the resignation, but did not go into the details of her resignation.

“As a party we are appreciative of the hard work that she did in contributing towards laying the foundation for the policy framework of the party,” he said.

“She continues to be a member of the organisation and part of our Parliamentary caucus and she will continue to contribute as a member of Parliament.”

In a four-page resignation letter sent to DA leader Mmusi Maimane on January 18, Ngwenya listed a number of reasons for resigning including reporting lines, the role of the federal council, lack of support from the leadership, and that she believes the DA does not take “policy seriously”.

“The bottom line is that I do not believe the DA takes policy seriously; and as a result, there has not been the operational or political resources necessary to result in a policy outcome I can be proud to be associated with. It is difficult to be clear what I am resigning from, having never received a verbal or written job description. But I do feel a sense of loss,” she wrote.

“There are many good people, including yourself, fighting many fights every day, but ideas are not a battleground the DA likes to tread…. It is unfortunate to come to the realisation that I have never in any meaningful way been the head of policy; I was given all of the responsibility and none of the basic levers to do the job.”

Taking to Twitter, Maimane said he accepted Ngwenya’s resignation: “I have accepted Gwen Ngwenya letter of resignation as head of policy. She remains an MP, wish her well. I have a process which is finalizing our policies on jobs. These will be expressed in our manifesto. It shares a vision of 1SA4All. It’s dynamic and focused on our future”.

In her resignation letter, Ngwenya also said that the terms of hire were never met and that she never had a job description, despite requesting one on numerous occasions since starting the job.

She said she would continue to carry out her duties as a member of Parliament. (ANA)