Cyril not fit to lead ANC and SA – MKMV


Sello Theletsane

JOHANNESBURG- The uMkhonto we Sizwe veterans has called upon the ANC to reflect deeply, fearlessly and truthfully into Gayton McKenzie’s explosive revelations regarding attempts to assassinate President Jacob Zuma.

The structure further called for current party president Cyril Ramaphosa to defend himself or give his side of the story as he was heavily criticised and painted badly in McKenzie’s book Kill Zuma by all means.

“The members of the ANC have to seriously and urgently reflect on our concerns and take a stand. Or we face the hijack of the revolution for which we cannot account for now and in the future after such a gallant struggle,” the organisation said in a letter.

“We are actually saying Cyril Ramaphosa is not a genuine leader of the ANC and has a lot to answer to. His leadership of the ANC is suspect because he does not fall in the category of the tried and tested”.

The structure added that one underlying principle was that the leadership of the ANC of necessity has to be a tried and tested leadership. It said that speaks primarily of maturity of the leadership through many years of trials and tests which lead members to accept them as leaders.

“This has been the case from John Dube to Jacob Zuma. Then emerges Cyril Ramaphosa.
We are surprised and shocked that a member who joined the ANC only in 1991 has been elevated, with the overt support of big business, banks, the white-owned and controlled media, and courts, president of the ANC. Our leaders in exile for many years, warned us to be wary of leaders who will appear from nowhere and lead the movement away from its objectives,” the organisation said.

The MK veterans added that Ramaphosa was not schooled in ANC tradition, as he did not grow up in the organisation and has been educated and funded largely by the very forces opposed to the fundamental objectives of the ANC.

According to McKenzie’s book Ramaphosa had been introduced to Clive Menell by John and Sarah Woodhouse, who requested that Clive and Irene Menell “care for him” because the Woodhouse’s were aware of Menell’s project to “collect bright young people”.

The Menell’s provided material support to Cyril, including resources, financing his studies and introducing him to their powerful circle of friends, who included English and Afrikaans businessmen such as Rudolf Gouws, Anton Rupert and Derek Keys, who was later the finance minister in both De Klerk’s apartheid government and Mandela’s democratic government.

The organisation said this proved that Ramaphosa was actually their creation and darling; and that is a cause for alarm and reason enough to seriously question both his membership and leadership of the ANC.

“He is indebted to White Monopoly Capital and they certainly will come calling – if they have not, already – and he is obligated to them to return their investment. That return on investment is the destabilisation and destruction of the ANC and the revolution. We have learnt that Cyril Ramaphosa at some stage expected to be made Deputy President of the ANC, when that did not happen, he simply left the organisation and joined business and we don’t know what else. How can we now entrust such a person with the presidency of the ANC? What guarantee do we have that should something else not materialise the way he wants, he will not vanish again? We as revolutionaries view this Ramaphosa ‘new deal’ as opposing ANC policy, counter-revolutionary and divisive. Again, the man was not schooled and trained in the ANC. He brings his own agenda – running parallel and contrary to ANC policy, culture and tradition. Ramaphosa is not a leader of the ANC but a man who desires to lead the ANC,” the organisation said.