Credentials delayed conference- Duarte


Karabo Ngoepe

JOHANNESBURG- Outgoing Deputy Secretary General of the ANC Jessie Duarte says the credential process delayed the conference.

She told the media on Sunday that the delay was because they wanted to ensure there wouldn’t be any loopholes for people to dispute the conference outcome. Part of the process was removing the Provincial Executive Committees of KwaZulu-Natal, Free State and Bojanala REC from the list of voting delegates.

“We had to delay the credentials by a day given the outcome of the court on KwaZulu-Natal, Free State and the Bojanala region in the North West. This is to ensure the credibility of the process. We have been very careful not to move away from this process,” she said.

Duarte added that there was nothing untoward with the delay. She said it was a necessary headache to protect the integrity of the organisation and conference.

“It’s not unusual to delay credentials we do it for the credibility of the process. As you well know, this is the one point that people use to have court interdicts and court cases and injunctions, and we’ve been extremely careful not to open any possibility that will take us in that direction,” she said.

Duarte said at least 35 branches of the North West belonging to the Bojanala region were disqualified. She said they had to explain to the delegates why they would not be allowed to vote, and it was a tedious process.

“You will understand that that takes a bit of work because you also have to explain to the branches why they have been disqualified,” Duarte said.

She said 4776 delegates were authorised to vote. She was hopeful that the results would be released on Monday morning.

“We hope to start voting at some point later this afternoon and have those results possibly by tomorrow [Monday] morning,” she said.