Councillor dumps ANC days before crucial polls and defects to Gayton Mckenzie’s PA


Sello Theletsane
JOHANNESBURG- Just days before the national polls, an ANC ward councillor in Viljoenskroon in the Free State has dumped his party and joined Gayton Mckenzie’s Patriotic Alliance (PA).

Toko Mofokeng, who was ANC’s Ward 20 councillor in Moqhaka Municipality said he resigned from the ANC because he felt the party was betraying the same people it was supposed to deliver services to.

“My conscience does not allow me to continue being part of the party that is failing to deliver the promises it made to the people who put it in power. I am a public representative and part of my job is to ensure that those people who put their trust in me get the services that they deserve. The ANC, which made me a councillor in 2016, has done nothing in terms of delivering services to the poor during the three years I’ve been in office. My moral and political conscience did not allow me to continue being part of this betrayal, hence my decision to leave the ANC and join the PA,” Mofolo said.

Asked what attracted him to the PA of all political parties, Mofolo said the PA’s slogan, “champion of the poor and vulnerable” resonated with him. “This slogan speaks to my conscience and I have for some time been monitoring the party’s leadership’s speeches throughout their campaign, I feel the PA is the right party to truly empower our people and deliver those much-needed services to our communities, who have for years been failed by the ANC,” said Mofokeng.