Convicted racist Momberg continues to believe k-word is not an insult


JOHANNESBURG, March – The Randburg Magistrate’s Court heard on Friday that convicted racist Vicki Momberg felt the police officers she called the derogatory and racist K-word only felt insulted by the word because they believed they were the k-word.

Department of social development officer Daphnie Naidoo read her sentencing report which she said was based on interviews conducted with Momberg.

Naidoo read that Momberg said during one of her interviews that the people she called the k-word were only insulted by the word because they themselves believed that they were the k-word.

In February 2016, Momberg was seen on a video shouting racial slurs at police officers while they were assisting her after she was involved in a smash-and-grab incident in Northriding‚ Johannesburg

She was found guilty of four counts of Crimen injuria in November last year.

During the second interview, the probation officer recused herself from the matter after she was insulted by Momberg.

Naidoo said Momberg arrived late for her interview and was frustrated by the questions she was being asked, to the extent of her having outbursts.

Naidoo said Momberg maintained that she was not guilty as there was no intent.

“She said she couldn’t remember insulting or shouting at anyone..she had no recollection of calling 10111 and the numbers did not appear on her phone and the court documents may have been tampered with,” Naidoo told the court.

The defence has said they will not be using the report compiled by Naidoo, but the State has said they will.

Momberg has further said she would be appealing her conviction as she felt there was bias against her

“Anyway we all know you will still have discussions with Mr. Baba [state prosecutor] and I don’t trust this country’s justice system.”

When asked about her opinion on apartheid during her interview with the probation officer, she replied: “What do you want from me, we have passed that stage..what did blacks do to uplift themselves?”

“I wish I could leave this country because there is no place for whites, especially males unless you have a business. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to do so.”

A former work colleague said Momberg was a danger to society, describing her as “a lunatic who can’t be trusted and after knowing her for years, I do believe she’s racist”.

The colleague added that he was surprised that Momberg gave his name and number as a character witness.

Naidoo said Momberg showed signs of no respect for others and was strongly opinionated, to the point where her beliefs became a truth to her.

“The accused did not think of her actions..there must be a strong retribution attached to the sentence,” Naidoo recommended.

Naidoo said that Momberg was suitable for a periodic imprisonment of not less than 100 hours, but not more than 2,000 hours.

Court adjourned for lunch.

– African News Agency (ANA)