Business forums and civil society movements rally behind Zuma


Ayanda Mdluli

JOHANNESBURG- A number of business organisations and civil society movements have thrown their weight behind former President Jacob Zuma as he is scheduled to face charges at the Durban High Court next week.

Organisations such as the National Funeral Parlours Association of SA, Idela Ngokubona SA business Forum, National Taxi Alliance, Unemployed Peoples Trust, Asidle Sonke and Black First Land First have formed a collective called RET Champions which aims to provide support for Zuma.

Nkosentsha Shezi, the SG of NAFUPA SA and member of RET Champions said the various formations from within and outside KZN met in Durban to discuss support for President Jacob Zuma on his court battles.

“The business forums appreciated the fact that President Jacob Zuma is no longer the head of state nor ANC president and therefore supporting him is not a ticket to state tenders or any form of favours. Therefore, we unanimously agreed to throw our full weight and give 100% support behind President Zuma during these trying times. It is our firm belief that justice delayed is justice denied. The spurious charges and their reinstatement will not put any bread and butter on top of the table of an African family. The whole Arms deal was dealt with to the latter by the Arms Deal commission of Inquiry as led by Judge Seriti,” he said.

The movement has called upon church leaders, bishops, and pastors, traditional leaders, shop stewards, nurses, workers, musicians, students, women & youth formations to come out in numbers and show solidarity for Zuma on April 6.

Shezi was also of the view that the country found itself back to the days where law enforcement organs are used for political battles. He called on Chief Justice Moegoeng Moegoeng to appoint a Commission of Inquiry to investigate white collar crimes that are happening in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange is now.

“Our unwavering support for Nxamalala is underpinned by our conviction that he remains the father of RET and Land expropriation without compensation. He is the first president to declare expropriation of land without compensation thereby bringing hope for the restoration of the dignity of African people, whom majority remain poor.

Towards the end of last year, Zuma announced free tertiary education for children of working class and the poor.

“It is during his tenure as a leader both of the ruling party and ANC led government that the biggest ARV program in the world was implemented which saved millions of lives. Under President Zuma, a target of 30% for black people to acquire equity in the mining sector was advanced. We respect the rule of law and we uphold the supreme principle of innocence until proven otherwise. As such, we are calling upon all people of South Africa to rally behind this gallant fighter of RET and the revolution of African masses,” he said.