JOHANNESBURG- There is something many of you, especially those who are celebrating Msholozi’s fall, need to know: Global politics is much bigger than the ANC or anyone who opposes it.

On our side, we always knew that we were fighting battles in a war that we were never going to win. We had a choice to stand with a minority of nations like Russia, China, Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran, true Zimbabwe, Syria, etc. that continue to fight gallantly to survive under constant onslaught from the global community itself.

Or, succumb to being just part of a larger family of nations that exist in name only, where rules or policies are set in London, Paris and Washington.

Some of us saw, and still see, our liberation from the prism of the former group, and have no regrets about this.

People should be careful to claim other people’s victories as your own (I will explain this in detail later on). Nonetheless, the ousting of Zuma perhaps has nothing to do with you as much as it has nothing to do with all of us, happy or dejected. We can say all that we want but at the end of it all, this joy is baseless and empty.

What do you want to do with the space left by Jacob Zuma? What will it do for you?

You have to think carefully about your response because you could be a spectator who stands not to gain a thing, whether your team wins or loses. Only the emotional thrill is your gratification and nothing else. Unfortunately, you will soon realize this in a painful way.

From my side, I could be like like you but distraught after Msholozi was forcibly removed as a state president. But my rage goes beyond the superficial rigours of South African politics. As a structuralist, I detest a unipolar world dominated by the ruthless United States and Europe and how it operates.

I’d hope that through an uncooperative individual like Nxamalala, South Africa and Africa had finally found their man who was prepared to play in a space that PERHAPS could have led us somewhere by breaking away from the shackles of colonialism and economic dependency. Although the details remained sketchy and not quite easy to understand, I was hopeful that what Thabo Mbeki had started to mobilize the continent to claim its voice in world affairs was going to bear fruit.

Early signs that South Africa was moving away from this happened in December when Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma lost in December. She was my silent bet that we could seriously revive what Mbeki had started with a view of shaping international politics.

So my sore heart is not about Jacob Zuma as such but more ideological, notwithstanding all that Zuma is said to have done. I felt there was a need to clarify my stance rather than letting it degenerate to empty political triumphalism on your side, and anyone who is joyous about the president’s resignation last night.

All else is minor politicking and jibes that you and I know are meant to joke and with no intention to cause harm. I cannot hide my sadness from losing Msholozi, especially in such a manner. Chameleons turned against him.

In hindsight, I respect people who expressed their disgust by resigning their posts and went on to seek political refuge elsewhere when Mbeki was dismissed in a similar fashion. As you know me, I would have tendered my resignation from cabinet and ANC this morning and followed Msholozi to the door.

I believe that Msholozi was disrespected throughout but I love underdogs and alternative politics. That is why he will always be my hero: defeated, dancing, laughing out loud or tripping on numbers. I adore him, I will eat next week hahahaha!

I will always say, Baphinde Msholozi! These words sent many people into a tailspin because…

Sisa yi banga le economy!

Siyabonga Hadebe
Political Commentator