ANCWL heaps praise on Sisulu for her fight against graft


By: Staff Reporter

JOHANNESBURG- The ANC Women’s League has commend Human Settlement, Environment, Water and Sanitation minister Lindiwe Sisulu, for her fight against corruption.

“In the eye of the COVID-19 storm, she is one of the outstanding ministers who presided over the challenging portfolios to ensure that people have shelter and water at all times,” said ANCWL Secretary General Meokgo Matuba in a statement.

“These are two of the essential basics of human life. In parallel, Minister Sisulu manages to fight for clean governance in the Ministries she presides over, and we have seen exceptionally positive results being achieved.,” said Matuba.

“The most notable achievements worth a special mention are the seven court judgements that have come out in favour of the Ministries she leads. The judgements are related to the ongoing fight against corruption, especially in the Department of Water, and the Water Boards, which have had severe corruption and governance issues.”

“It is not a mean feat to fight corruption in a challenging environment, because there are always counter-forces that fight back vigorously. But despite the resistance, the minister prioritised her oath of office, which is to serve South Africans diligently – and ensuring that the government resources go to where they are meant to, which is to deliver services for the people.”

“Furthermore, COVID-19 has demonstrated to us the rapid way the government can respond to a crisis. We have seen the ministries led by Ministries Sisulu coordinate complicated logistical efforts of delivering water to schools, hospitals, drought-stricken areas, and decongesting informal settlements through rapid deployment of Temporary Residential Units.”

Matuba added: “As the Women’s League, we would like to see the same effort and tempo being sustained for the ongoing delivery, especially ensuring that our citizens have dignified human settlements and access to potable water.”

“As people who look after the households, it is a fact that women are the most affected by water challenges, as well as safe shelter.”

“There was a great fear that developing countries, especially in Africa, would be the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Africa has an ailing healthcare sector, large rural population, and population in informal settlements. It was predicted that those factors would make it impossible to achieve social distancing, proper hygiene, and the required safety measures to prevent COVID spread.”

Matuba added: “But we have seen South flattening the curve with fatalities not as high as predicted. Thanks to the multi-sectoral interventions by the front-line Ministries that made it possible.”

“Until scientists and medical personnel develop and roll out a vaccine, we not entirely out of danger. The ANC Women’s League, however, would like to commend efforts of the National Coronavirus Command Centre, led by President Ramaphosa in flattening the curve and reducing the infections and virus spread.”

“With the next primary focus being on the economic recovery and adjusting to the new normal, we expect Minister Sisulu to continue to maintain the strategic focus and continue with the fight against corruption. Water remains key to several major industries, including day to day human use. Shelter and dignified human settlements remain one of the basic human needs.”

“Many women, children, and the vulnerable are highly dependent on the basic services under the Water and Human Settlements ministry. Once more, we commend the tremendous effort, and diligence Minister Sisulu puts in her work, Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize, and the rest of the cabinet members.”

Matuba also commended Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA), minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma who she said was one of the top-performing ministers who have done outstanding work under trying circumstances.

“Being at the forefront of the implementation of Covid-19 regulations, Dlamini-Zuma had to make key decisions that would safeguard us against the spread of Covid-19, and at the same time take a lot of criticism for those regulations.”

“Just recently, the Ministry of COGTA has received a clean audit. For that outstanding achievement, the Women’s League says congratulations to COGTA. We commend the effort by Dlamini-Zuma and the drive to implementing clean governance.”