ANC NEC’s decision must address the plight of all MK veterans – MKMVA


Sello Theletsane

JOHANNESBURG- The Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) on Tuesday welcomed the decision that was taken by the ANC NEC to form a task team that will work towards having a representative conference immediately after elections.

The movement noted that the ANC’s NEC decision was in line with that of the resolution of the ANC’s 54th National Conference, that stated; “Conference noted the work started by the outgoing NEC to investigate the issues relating to MKMVA and the MK Council, and
mandated the incoming NEC to facilitate unity and inclusion of all MK ex-combatants.

“Immediately after the 54th National Conference MKMVA issued a media statement (dated
the 20th of December 2017), welcoming the outcomes of the Conference and specifically
the Resolution of the ANC National Conference concerning unity among MK ex-combatants,
and pledged to work with the NEC of the ANC in pursuit of this noble objective”, said the MKMVA.

“In that same statement, we emphasised the importance of unity in order to be able to
address, as effectively as possible, the plight of our MK veterans. Many MK veterans are
destitute, and have been battling to access the provisions they are entitled to, as are
provided for their well-being, and the well-being of their families, in terms of the Military
Veterans, Act No. 18, of 2011. The sad reality is that far too many MK veterans have not
been able to access these at all,”.

The MKMVA further said that as they were as instructed by the NEC of MKMVA, they did several meetings with the management of the Department of Military Veterans (DMV) in order to raise their concerns and work towards finding solutions.

“These concerns included, inter alia, our very serious concern about the poor and incomplete state of the Military Veterans Data Base, and the seemingly insurmountable problems that many of our legitimate MK veterans experience to be included in the Data Base. We noted that this problem had to be addressed urgently because it is a major reason why many of our members are not able to access the provisions and rights that they are entitled to”.

The movement further said that their engagements with the DMV is still ongoing and will continue until all the issues that they have raised are addressed to their satisfaction.

“Similarly MKMVA, as the legitimate structure of MK veterans, will continue our ongoing
work through the length-and-breadth of our country to engage with all MK veterans, and to
address their concerns, and in general to work for their well being”.

“The process that the NEC of the ANC decided to continue with, in pursuit of unity, will be
advanced by MKMVA continuing to carry out our mandate for the delivery of services to
our members. In doing so MKMVA is giving expression to our agreement with the NEC that
a relevant and successful association must first and foremost address the plight of all MK

“The NEC in their collective wisdom, while acknowledging the legitimate status of MKMVA, proceeded along the measured and politically mature route that the 54th National Conference of the ANC mandated them to follow”.

The MKMVA concurred that the decision taken was in the best interest of their members, and will ultimately culminate in the desired unity and inclusion of all MK ex-combatants.