ANC lauds Chris Hani’s ‘genuine commitment’ to nation building


DURBAN, April 11 – The African National Congress has praised assassinated struggle hero Chris Hani as a man who showed a genuine commitment to nation building and who was not interested in material gain.

The governing party made the statements via an emailed press release on Wednesday night, commemorating 26 years since Hani’s brutal death at the hands of polish immigrant Janusz Walus on April 10, 1993. Walus remains incarcerated for the murder, having claimed he was trying to staunch the spread of communism in South Africa by killing Hani.

“As a true revolutionary and a patriot, Comrade Chris Hani’s contribution to the struggle for liberation was aimed not at seeking personal glory and fame. It was not motivated by the pursuit of personal ambition, self-interest and an undying lust for power and self-privilege. His was a genuine commitment to build for our people a future that is qualitatively better than the past. His was a genuine commitment to build a non-racial, non sexist and prosperous South Africa. Indeed his was a selfless contribution to the advancement of all the people of South Africa,” said the ANC statement.

According to the ruling party, Hani remained the yardstick to measure what constituted a true cadre and revolutionary. “He is the personification of cadreship. As we seek to renew our movement, as part of our Nasrec resolutions, we are inspired by Chris Hani and his revolutionary conduct.”

Hani’s defining features were his revolutionary commitment, discipline and loyalty to decisions taken by the movement, said the statement.

“He knew that an opportunity to lead is an opportunity to serve, not an opportunity to access material possessions. He was not in the struggle for personal gain or self-enrichment. Neither did he decide to participate in the liberation struggle in order to get a government position.

“His exemplary conduct of selfless service continues to inspire us as we continue to consolidate the gains of our freedom and democracy. In the name of Chris Hani, we have a responsibility to wage, with every energy at our disposal, a sustained war against the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality. In the name of Chris Hani, we must work tirelessly to deepen unity within the alliance, frown upon factionalism, gate-keeping, vote-buying and vote-rigging tendencies that only serve to subvert the democratic and mass character of our movement.

“In his name we must fight corruption and state capture will all our might. In the name of this son of the soil, we must reject tribalism and ethnic mobilisation to achieve selfish and factional interests. In the name of Chris Hani, we must fight capitalist greed and exploitation with every available weapon at our disposal. In the name of this distinguished revolutionary, let us work tirelessly towards the renewal of our movement.”

The best tribute to Hani would be a decisive victory at the polls on May 8 by a united ANC, said the statement. (ANA)