ANC Branches overwhelmingly trust Jacob Zuma, making sense of the list


Njabulo Xulu

A roadside comment in passing by….as I desperately try to avoid political topics at all costs….so ngiyadlula nje bakwethu. With reference to the ANC parliamentary list doing the rounds. Yet I am compelled to attempt making sense of what we hear on this list of the ANC.

What then could the list help us understand? The most recent list of the ANC roaming around on social media platforms has former President Jacob G Zuma on it. The list sees him placed 74th. It is this precise placing that communicates a double-edged message. Particularly since your strongest vilifier and beyond doubt plotter as well hater number 1, (Pravin Gordhan) occupies a space of a mere 4 slots above you at 70 speaks volumes on how ANC branches (contrary to how these media created/paraded “saints”) see the former President, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma.

There is, therefore, no question that Zuma remains very popular in ANC branches. It is an indisputable fact that he has currency and power regardless of the machinery of PR that has spared nothing to make him a demon and the heartbeat of corruption understood as advanced in state capture.

I hear and see lots of posts on this, people arguing if it would be wise for Zuma to return to parliament now as an ordinary MP. Some pronounced it would be stupid for him to do so, etc. Some expressing anger at the thought should Zuma decide to return to parliament.

Meanwhile, for Zuma and his supporters, this position simply speaks to the overwhelming support Zuma still enjoys within the rank and file of the ANC. Nothing more nothing less. It may be all that matters actually. No interest in returning to parliament.

Of course, as we can see, the branches do respect the elected top 6 officials, but right below the officials sits one Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma of the erstwhile NDZ campaign last year. Meaning NDZ is as respected as the top 6.

So, with all the “orchestrated” vilification of Jacob Zuma led by ANC leaders, i.e., Pravin Gordhan, Mcebisi Jonas, and of course, but very subtly, the President (Ramaphosa) himself, the branches of the ANC seem very oblivious to the truth or not in this State Capture half-baked “evidence” (as seen by some, of course, others see the evidence led so far to be overwhelmingly damning to the likes of Zuma, Brian Molefe, Mosebenzi Zwane, etc.). Yet, ANC Branches don’t seem to care as Mosebenzi Zwane, Mahumapelo, etc. are being sent to parliament, with overwhelming confidence and backing.

With this list in mind, I don’t wish to imagine what chaos would be unleashed should the Deputy Chief Justice Zondo at the end produce a report that pronounce that there was no substantive evidence pointing to State Capture of any kind, but rather the employer-employee grievances that should or could have been resolved with the assistance of the Labour court and/ or CCMA (I’m obviously over-simplifying the case here, but what if?)

But in all honesty, being at number 74, when there are younger comrades that would die  to be in that position but they’re sitting on periphery (in fact outside at number 790, like a 2017 pretender to the ANC high office throne, Mathews Phosa for example lol), means Zuma can have considerable control of the ANC from Nkandla if he so chooses.

When all is said and done, the conglomeration of forces, of white monopoly capital, opposition parties, organised labour, ANC leaders in cahoots with a lusty contingent of interestingly embedded journalists and pseudo-civil society formations be it temporal and or long-standing, have done very little if any damage to Zuma’s standing in the ANC.

In fact, he has control-he can decide how and when to use it. Such control cannot be discounted.