Advocate Jiba faces cross examination at Mokgoro inquiry Inbox


PRETORIA, 25 February – Suspended deputy National Director of Public Prosecutions, Advocate Nomgcobo Jiba, is expected to be grilled on Monday at the Mokgoro inquiry over decisions she made during her tenure as head of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

Some of her decisions were scorned by the courts.

Jiba and her colleague advocate Lawrence Mrwebi are the subjects of a probe on their fitness to hold office in the NPA.

The inquiry is looking into matters raised on the pair’s conduct in several court cases, including the decision to withdraw charges against former head of Crime Intelligence, Richard Mdluli.

The decision to withdraw Mdluli’s criminal charges was later overturned by a court.

Last week while making her submissions, Jiba denied all allegations levelled against her and said her colleagues never celebrated her promotion and harboured resentment towards her.

She has also been tried for fraud and perjury related to a matter in which she attempted to secure the conviction of former Hawks chief John Booysen.

Judge Trevor Gorven threw out the charges against Booysen, who was suspended at the time. The judge went on to describe Jiba’s decision to charge Booysen as “arbitrary, [and] offends the principle of legality and, therefore, the rule of law and was unconstitutional.”

Jiba said the judgement was “hurtful”. She said she was crucified for doing her job.

“I have never felt so betrayed by my own institution in my entire life as when I was paraded before a court as a criminal for exercising my own discretion. I didn’t understand,” she said during her testimony at the inquiry.

– African News Agency (ANA)