A sharecropper ANC leadership attests a hollow and embarrassed emotional rant against resurging former colonial masters.


Clyde Ramalaine

This always happens because the slave masters have graduated some slaves into sharecropper status-

There is a big hullabaloo made of the WEOG memorandum from five countries (Germany, UK, USA, Netherlands and Switzerland) who co-penned the letter, warning South Africa needed to clarify the moves it intends to take against corruption if it hopes to attract investment. It is further claimed that the memorandum apparently demands that the current president of SA show commitment to enforcing the rule of law. Among the things highlighted was reference made to the perpetual changes made to the framework of mining, BEE targets and intellectual property rights.

On another score, the individual histories of the nations do not afford them any claim of being clean of corruption if the boundaries of corruption are not as narrowly drawn as it suits their agenda. It would take no rocket science to call each of the nations out for their treacherous historical roles of xenophobia, colonisation and racism and in some instances the obliteration of those they extended a denotation of ‘other’, with themselves as the base.

We also can argue as to the role of multinationals from these countries who have been instrumental in corrupting an economically poor black elite, offering them and their kin money and undeserving stakes through which it ultimately by patronage exerts the type of control we read in this instruction.

The attitude of some old western forces in issuing a directive through their embassies to the SA caretaker president Cyril Ramahosa to act indirectly arrest those accused of the claims of state capture and corruption has solicited many conversations.

For some this an audacious and arrogant stance on the part of a cohort of former colonial forces who in another epoch were simply called ‘the west’. Yet, others defend this as only fair since these countries act in the interest of their own multinationals who are vested in the SA economy. Naturally the ANC, maybe we must ask which ANC, also condemned what they term the interference of outside nations in domestic affairs. The ANC’s statement rings hollow for the fact that we must establish what ANC is speaking here.

The ANC since December 2017 made it emphatically clear that it will submit to anything the old western forces dictate to in order to get what they have brow-beaten us all into as ‘foreign investment’. It sold itself to be a boy to the old colonial slave masters and western forces, a thing the ANC in the so-called nine wasted years drastically moved away from. The jaundiced ‘new dawn’ crowd led by a bequeathed billionaire Ramaphosa made two things their mantra, firstly the media-invented crime of state capture and the second foreign investment. It, therefore, cannot be strange if for they went cap-in-hand willing to almost prostitute SA to the same ones who always knew how to colonise South Africa and be instructed as to what to do. The ANC statement as issued by Zizi Kodwa is nothing but a hollow emotional and toothless rant if not a public relations exercise.

For the record, the so-called ‘wasted nine years’ as articulated by Ramaphosa and his not so-first choice for a finance minister, Tito Mboweni, really laments the fact that the old colonial powers could not have their way in SA for this period of time. They had to stand by and watch how under the last ballot-elected and endorsed president Jacob G Zuma, SA made a conscious choice for BRICS and communicated an unequivocal position of leadership in this regard on where the future was leading.

We knew and warned then already that this is the reason why Zuma had to go, the old colonial West was not anymore in control of gold-and-diamond rich South Africa.

Perhaps what is lost in the translation is a message that the ‘ramaphoria’ crowd of South Africans didn’t want to hear. We can engage the means by which the message was communicated meaning from their local assemblies as directly to sovereign state and his caretaker president. There is much to be red-flagged in protocol error with this. Yet not even that should surprise the observing mind. The one thing about colonial power that has remained consistent, is that it never respected those it made. It speaks to the audacity of these nations. Well before we willy-nilly condemn them for their arrogance and arrogated right to be this instructive let us know why they so cocky. They cocky because they can dictate to the ANC leadership of this era.

They are this arrogant because they through their multinationals made the current president the billionaire he is. Ramaphosa did not inherit his wealth position from his father but as charity gestures as Irene Menell told us ages ago when she referred to how he was adopted into the Urban Foundation. Let it be known you instruct those you have made so there must be nothing sinister, strange about that behaviour throughout the aeons of the time whoever made you earned the right to dictate to you. It was just a matter of time before the same colonial forces primary responsibility for the enslavement of the African would revert and claim their space because he who occupies the seat of power in a political sense was produced by them. They can write one letter because their message is synchronised through centuries of colonialism and reverberates through the course of time as that of white interest.

They could never instruct Jacob Zuma because they never made Zuma and detested him to the point that he had to be removed. With their man in the saddle, they can be more public and aggressive as this letter shows.

What then is unfolding, Ramaphosa the foreign-investment inebriated leader of the ANC who has consciously led the ANC away from its 54th Conference adopted radical – economic transformation-oriented resolutions into a wilderness of appeasement of white interest, has no choice but to obey his true masters. Unfortunately, those who gathered at Nasrec to elect an ANC leadership were never his true masters, that space was long taken by the ones who made him, the public figure in the political and economic description since 1978.

It became a scripted message to beg for foreign investment when some of us asked why Franschoek’s apartheid benefactors in a strange phenomenon of capitalists, remained unchallenged as to why they have hitherto failed to invest in the country that made them. Foreign investment in this prism always meant a rejection of ANC policies and resolutions. SA knew it when Ramaphosa economic envoys tasked to raise R100bn led by Trevor Manuel returned and told South Africa that the western world is not comfortable with the ANC’s adopted resolutions on land expropriation without compensation.

We had the same displeasure expressed by ANC leaders who never agreed or came to an acceptance of the radical economic transformation resolutions. We can, therefore, assume that when the internal ANC leaders intermittently spoke in rejection of the resolutions, they may have done so in agreement with their financial sponsors who are not distant from the same old western bosses that today instruct what is supposed to be a sovereign state as to what they must prioritise. So, its disingenuous of the ANC to be speaking with such forked tongue. It lacked the due energy to challenge its own and prove disciplinary against those how defied the adopted resolutions of the highest structure of the ANC.

Why then are some all of a sudden up in arms with a cohort of nations who tainted for them uphold of racism to varying degrees? To them we must unambiguously say, you were brow-beaten into this cosmetic foreign investment thing as the end and be all, you were sold state capture the media invented crime that propelled some to Ramaphosa strangely to high office. The strangeness is that he is exonerating himself when he was there, gained economically and benefitted in the so-called wasted nine years.

What we as voters regardless in support of what party must demand of Ramaphosa to wave his self-proclaimed innocence farewell. We have the dutiful obligation to keep him accountable no different to how he wants us to keep some he demonises accountable.  What the ANC is dealing with is the typical embarrassment of the elites, because they are exposed for having bosses outside the ANC voters who flagrantly can instruct them publicly as the western former colonisers just did.

We are back under colonial control because we do not have leadership with a backbone, we have servants to masters that owe their masters which affords their masters to instruct them no different to the historical slave masters. What we have is an ANC president and leadership that makes up what we can call the new sharecroppers who worked for their masters and later were extended a ‘share’ of the slave-masters crop.

Clyde N. S. Ramalaine
Political Commentator & Writer Chairperson of TMoSA Foundation