Ten Marikana widows living in silence


ARIKANA, August 16 – Ten Marikana widows whose husbands were killed before the Marikana massacre six years ago on Wednesday said that they were living in silence.

“We are living in silence since 2012, it is because of this silence  that South Africa does not know about ten victims that were killed by the 34,” said Aisha Fundi.

She said President Ramaphosa must come to Marikana to address issues relating to compensation.

“We want state President to come to Marikana to address issue of Marikana especially when coming to compensation, now that our loved ones were killed by the 34, who is responsible for our payments whether is Lonmin or is the President… we need answers we are tired of coming here and talk one thing every day.”

Her husband Hassan Fundi, who was a security superintendent at Lonmin, was killed together with his colleague Frans Mabalane by striking mineworkers.

They were hacked and put inside their vehicle before it was burnt.

She said they were badly chopped and their body parts were cut-off.

“The strikers hacked them, they cut them and set them alight inside a vehicle. They badly cut them because they did not want us to recognise what was missing from their body. At the time I heard they had a sangoma, they took the body parts to the sangoma. That is how my husband was brutally killed.”

Lonmin held a candle lighting ceremony in Mooinooi to remember all 44 people killed during the violent strike at its operation in August 2012.

Thirty-four mineworkers died on August 16, 2012, when the police shot them, 10 other people including two security officers and two policemen were killed in days leading to August 16.

Lonmin workers waged a week-long strike demanding to be paid R12,500 as a minimum basic monthly salary.

The sixth Marikana massacre anniversary would be held on Thursday in Marikana.

Fundi said that they were never invited to the commemoration on August 16, and were never acknowledged despite their husbands being killed in the Marikana 2012 violence.

A night vigil was planned on Wednesday night in Marikana West ahead of the commemoration on Thursday.

Activist Napoleon Webster said they would sit around a big fire, and warned that African National Congress members were not welcomed at the night vigil. (ANA)