COSAS Gauteng supports the burning and rejection of ‘fake news’ by the ANCYL Free State


Solly Makganoto

JOHANNESBURG- The Congress of South African students in Gauteng (COSAS) has on Wednesday said that it welcomes the action taken by the ANCYL in Free State of standing up against ‘media propaganda and fake news’.

This comes after the ANCYL in the Free State said that it will be hosting ‘a warm evening’ by burning Pieter-Louis Myburgh’s book titled ‘Gangster State’ on Monday the 15th of April 2019 at the Mangaung South Side dumping site.

“In an era of fake news, as young people, we have been quiet whilst media continues brainwashing us. We are given headlines that perceive blacks as evil and whites as saints, these race divisions continuously happen in a non-racial South Africa. Students of Gauteng are tired of such behaviour”, said COSAS Gauteng in a statement.

COSAS added that the media continues being biased and it is against the ruling party (ANC): “It has never told us about how Kalushi was sentenced to death by the then judge that happened to be the biological father of the founding leader of the Democratic Alliance Tony Leon. It continues regarding black leader’s as corrupt, especially from the ANC and White’s as the most clean one’s”.

“In the case against the ANC SG, the rubbish book raises allegations that ” he and the Guptas promised Mr Dukwane R2million per month for 10 years, for him to sign a contract worth R140million”. We are scholars and the figures do not make sense, it is pure propaganda that seeks to divide the nation, this is an act that seeks to perceive black people as dumb and illiterate.

“How can a businessman offer a person R240 million for them to sign a R140mil contract? There is no logic in the allegations. Steinhoff is proven guilty for stealing over R20 billion and media is quiet about it. The SG of the ANC is not corrupt and no media will ever succeed in playing divide and rule, the ANC remains the only hope for our people”.

The movement said it views propaganda as the most dangerous weapon in the world today, and that they will fight it without fear or favour in honour of Winnie Mandela.

According to COSAS Gauteng, Winnie Mandela spoke in an interview about how media tried to destroy her: “Everyday calling her corrupt and a murderer, she went on and spoke about the Weekly Mail newspaper and its editor Anton Harber who was at the forefront of trying to destroy her. The same Anton Harber who today is the funder of the book against the ANC SG”.

COSAS has further called on all young people to be vigilant and to stand up against propaganda.

“Just as we call for free education and the transformation of our curriculum content, we equally call for the destruction of fake news as a danger to society. Journalists have a responsibility to respect society and to write truthful fair news. And any chancer who thinks just because they are white they can do as they please will face the justice system and COSAS will task itself to make sure it happens.

“We remain firm in protecting the ANC more especially during this time of elections, standing firm by the SG of the ruling party. Gauteng students have confidence in the leadership of the ANC and they acknowledge his efforts of listening to their cry on the 8 April 2019 when they marched to the ANC HQ marching along with other eight provinces”.

COSAS Gauteng says it is going to work tirelessly to ensure a decisive victory for the ANC on the 8th of May.