[In Pictures] Baby rescued from drain pipe in Durban


JOHANNESBURG, February 11 – A baby was rescued from a drain pipe on the corner of Barracuda Road and Herring Circle in Durban on Monday, paramedics said.

“The baby, a little girl, has been rescued out of the drain, [and] she was assessed by rescue advanced support paramedics,” Rescue Care Paramedics spokesperson Garrith Jamieson said.

Jamieson said the rescue mission started just after 6am and saw the baby successfully removed from the pipe at around 9:40am.

According to Jamieson, residents heard a baby crying in a storm water drain and a bystander then climbed down the drain and saw the baby a few metres down.

The baby was transported by helicopter to a specialist facility in Durban for the further care she requires.

“Great work done by everyone this morning in this horrible situation,” Jamieson said

“The entire rescue took approximately 4 hours and compromised of SAPS Search and Rescue, Metro Police Search and Rescue, Durban Fire Department, Rescue Care Paramedics, EMRS Paramedics, SAPS and Multiple Ambulance Services.”

Events leading to why the baby was dumped is unknown. Saps was on the scene to conduct further investigations.




– African News Agency (ANA);