Ambulances attacks in Johannesburg worrying – Officials


Zodidi Mhlana

A recent spate of ambulance attacks within the City of Johannesburg has left officials worried.

City of Johannesburg’s emergency services spokesperson, Robert Mulaudzi on Monday said that their ambulance crews were attacked while responding to emergency calls on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday night evening, our ambulance crews based at the Northview Fire Station were shot at while attending to an assault case in Sandringham they survived the incident unharmed,” he said.

Mulaudzi said that the crew was also attacked while attending to a female patient who had been beaten by her boyfriend.

“Angry community members started attacking the boyfriend of the deceased, Paramedics were injured while trying to intervene to stop the angry crowd they sustained minor injuries in the process they taken to nearest healthcare facility for further treatment. On a weekly basis in the City of Johannesburg we hear of reports of incidents were Emergency Services personnel are attacked, hijacked and robbed of their belongings while rendering an essential service to our communities,” he said.

Mulaudzi said that their crew was also attacked in February while attending to a maternity case.

“These accidents have become rife because each week, we get the reports of attacks in the City of Johannesburg. The Honeydew accident becomes a second attack since the start of the year. Vehicles are damaged in some of the attacks, our emergency personnel get attacked and their belongings are taken from them. Sometimes, they even take some equipment in the ambulance,” he said.