Billionaire Gumede gives Sowetan columnist 24-hour ultimatum


Staff Reporter

JOHANNESBURG- Billionaire Robert Gumede has given Sowetan columnist Prince Mashele a 24-hour ultimatum to retract and apologize on Twitter, the next print edition of the SOWETAN and the online edition.

This is after Mashele wrote in his column on Monday that Gumede has captured the ANC and the state.

He further wrote that Gumede pays salaries of officials when the Mbombela municipality is in financial trouble.

Gumede vehemently denied allegations levelled against him by Mashele and said: ” As a person, I respect you even though I do not know you, I decided to send you this piece of verifiable and credible FACTS”, Gumede said.

“It is unbelievable that you can write such nonsense about me yet you do not know me and what I do.

“For the record, the article and reference to me is utter Nonsense!!!!. It is hogwash that you claim I captured the ANC and the State. I and my companies have been a victim of State Capture and political agendas. It is public knowledge that I am a proud supporter and donor of the ANC. It is also public knowledge that I also donate to other political parties.

“You should know how I have been a victim in South Africa where my businesses lost state contracts unlawfully to a point where I took government departments and SOE’s to court and won. I and my companies have in the process suffered prejudice hence we focussed in growing our businesses in the private sector and globally where we are very successful.

According to Gumede, he has not been doing business with the Mpumalanga Government or any Municipality since 1999 as a result of his decision not to do business in his province of living.

“I have never received any tender, done or is doing any business with the government of Mpumalanga and/or municipalities since then. There is no one penny that our companies or I have received from Mpumalanga since 1999 ( the last time I had security guards and scholastic stationary contracts). I have not captured Mpumalanga as you claim nor have I ever bailed out or paid salaries to anybody or on behalf of a municipality. You being a guy from Mpumalanga should know the truth and if not as, is the case now, you should verify FAKE NEWS before you publish nonsense about a person like me that you do not know.

“My family and businesses instead plough tens of millions of rands into the province of my birth like full university scholarships, built R20m paved Roads in Kanyamazane (my township), various schools computer laboratories, annual over 10 thousand kids amusement events, donation of houses but to name a few. This I do unconditionally as a responsible citizen who loves his province and people.

Gumede further added that he never takes deliberate lies being spread about him kindly. He said: “I have worked hard for my reputation and will not allow you to abuse your computer to defame and harm my reputation. I have taken action against the likes of you and won at the media ombudsman. I have also instituted civil actions against the likes of you”.

“Please check your FAKE FACTS and so-called allegations and retract the nonsense reference to me and apologize publicly on Twitter (social media) and the next print edition of the SOWETAN including the online edition by close of business tomorrow. I have successfully fought against M&G, City Press and Sunday Times and won. Further, I pursued Sterenborg to England where I won a R52m claim and sequestration him. All this in defence of my reputation”, Gumede said in conclusion.