EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Stop Destroying the ANC – Zuma warns Ramaphosa, Mboweni & Co


Steve Motale

JOHANNESBURG- Former president Jacob Zuma has hit back at President Cyril Ramaphosa, finance Minister Tito Mboweni and others in the ANC who recently publicly referred to his term of office as “nine wasted years”.

In an exclusive video interview with Africa News 24-7 Editor-in-Chief Steve Motale, Zuma warned his detractors in the ANC to stop spreading incorrect information about his term in office as this was reflecting badly on the ANC. He warned this had the potential to impact negatively on the ANC in the forthcoming national elections.

Without mentioning names, Zuma had earlier used his Twitter account to address the “recent comments and attitudes that, if not questioned, threaten to become the prevailing wisdom and even the new status quo in the ANC”. However, In the interview with Motale, he singled out Ramapahosa and Mboweni who have been the leading faces of a barrage of criticism of the former president.

In the interview, Zuma answers questions on whether he was being made a scapegoat, whether he was bitter and angry about being recalled by the ANC. He also responds to allegations linking him to the mushrooming of several new political parties formed by disgruntled members of the ANC. Zuma concludes by pledging his loyalty and love for the ANC, adding that he would never leave the ANC.