Osolwazi drops new maskandi album titled ‘Ung’bambezelile’


JOHANNESBURG, December 3 – Talented Maskandi lead singer Mbekezeli “Mdibhozi” Mabanga and his band Osolwazi will on Saturday release their fourth album titled “Ung’bambezelile”.

The new album has 12 songs, including an apt song that discourages men from engaging in women and child abuse.

The 30-year-old Maskandi singer, who sometimes sings in English, implores men to refrain from taking advantage of women and children simply because they are “stronger”.

Other tracks on the new album are equally fresh and inspirational – the title track “Ung’bambezelile” – is a love song in which a lover laments the loss of a long loved and trusted love interest to another suitor.

Previous albums by the artist include his debut “Nangilahlelani” – meaning why did you leave me?

The second album named “Uthi uyindoda” has the hit song “I love you too” that was played regularly on Ugubhu Lwami, a maskandi  TV show.

“Trust No One” was the name of the third album.

The new album title “Ung’bambezelile” will be available in Dakota and many other leading music retailers from Saturday, 8 December – in time for the festive season. (ANA)