Kenyans contributed to new album from American rapper Kanye West – report


JOHANNESBURG, June 4 – Two Kenyans are listed as having contributed to one of the seven songs on American rapper Kanye West’s newly released eighth album “Ye”, Nairobi News reported on Monday.

Legendary Kenyan musician Ayub Ogada and his one-time bandmate James Mbarack Ochieng, are listed as co-composers of “Yikes”, the second song on the album.

Ogada, however, was vague on details of his exact contribution to West’s song, stating that he had done so many projects since then and couldn’t remember. This leads to the possibility that West borrowed elements from the Kenyans’ compilation of more than 150 songs.

Ogada and Ochieng have also not been in contact with each other for nearly 10 years.

Ogada is regularly approached by artists who want him to either participate in various songs by either composing the lyrics or the music or both.

Yikes revolves around West’s recent struggle with drugs which made him feel suicidal. It was produced by both West and Mike Dean.