Twitter claims modelling agency is pimping young girls to rich businessmen


Staff reporter

Social media was thrown into a tailspin this weekend as Faith Nketsi’s modelling agency, Feline Management was accused on Twitter of operating as an escort agency, pimping young women for prominent businessmen and politicians in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Nketsi, who is known by her fans as Queen Twerk, reportedly announced a few months ago that her agency was looking to hire “girls” who were into “having a good time” for a modelling agency called Feline Management.

An individual who Spoke to Africa News 24-7 and claims to have worked with Nketsi shared some images and profiles of the Instagram slay queens who are allegedly working with Nketsi’s agency to satisfy the insatiable appetites of Joburg’s rich and powerful.

Many of the girls in the profile pictures of their Instagram pages are scantily clad and have hundreds of thousands of followers between them. Most of these half-naked women and alleged “slay queens” claim to be models, video vixens and “hostesses”.

According to the Urban Dictionary: A Slay Queen is a girl who does not have a wealthy background but appear as if they do. They use malicious acts to attain cash, drink expensive alcohol, procure expensive cell phones.

Nketsi operates Feline Management with two other women named Tebogo Thobejane and Kim Kholwa. The ad for the modelling agency is very explicit in that it is looking for “hot girls” to join their company.

One of the allegations read: “They do interviews at Onyx in Sandton and hire girls to entertain rich men hence they can afford trips around the world. They frequent that strip joint called Hydro on Boulevard in Rivonia.”

Onyx is a night club owned by Taboo Group SA in Sandton that is frequented by some of Joburg’s biggest money spenders.

One of the girls who are believed to be part of her operations came forward on social claiming that she was even raped by six men and paid R20 000 to keep her quite after the incident. Through a prominent twitter account, the woman alleges:

“I was desperate and needed cash and joined Faith’s agency for some quick cash. I ended up being raped by six men all taking turns and Faith paid me R20 000 to keep quiet. I took the money and said nothing. I was too ashamed…The whole modelling agency is just a front.”

Through her Instagram page last night, Nketsi denied the allegations claiming that they were false and not true. She said: “As a woman I view rape as a very serious offense and I do not whatsoever support this crime. Rape is not a subject that should be falsely accused as it’s a heart-breaking and unacceptable crime. Feline Management is a brad development company for social media. Lastly, to the supposed victim please come out and take me to court,” read her statement.

The allegations set black Twitter alight on Saturday. The infamous anonymous social media account of Man’s not Barry Roux released a series of tweets which are as follows: