Edward Zuma distances his father from the formation of a new party


Zodidi Mhlana

Johannesburg- President Jacob Zuma’s son Edward on Thursday said that the former president was not involved in the formation of a new political set to be launched.

Edward weighed in on the matter after a group which supports Zuma confirmed this week that a new political party will be established ahead of 2019’s elections.

“I wish to take this opportunity to put matters into a correct perspective and lay to rest false reports regarding the involvement of the former president Jacob Zuma being aligned to a certain so called political party that is or to be registered, the reports claim that former president is well aware and has been consulted on this,” Edward said.

Mazibuye Emasisweni grouping said that it was consulting about the formation of this party which is likely to be announced in due course. The group said that it was not happy about the fact Zuma was recalled as the country’s president before he could finish his second term.

Frank Fakude from Mazibuye Emasisweni said they wanted Zuma as the country’s president so that he could continue with policies of radical economic transformation and land redistribution.

The National Executive Committee recalled Zuma inn February after President Cyril Ramaphosa was elected as the party’s president at the ANC’s Nasrec Congress.

Edward said that claims that his father was backing the party were aimed at tarnishing his image.

“I also wish to categorically distance former president Jacob Zuma from these lunatics who want fame at all costs and further affirm that no member of the Zuma family is involved with these clowns as we are all disciplined members of the ANC and will forever remain loyal to it, We believe that any issues if there are any the ANC is more than capable of dealing with them internally as has been the tradition of the glorious movement,” Edward said.

He said that his father will campaigning for the ruling party for next year’s elections.